Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh flowers.

I learnt so much about flowers. I didn't really have particularly strong ideas when it came to flowers. Except for the fact that I banned roses, all I wanted was a wild, sylvester look.
 I was so happy with the end result, I think mostly because it was kind of a surprise. We originally wanted to go for antique china and glass vases, and painted tins, but like I told you a while ago here, that stuff is expensive. Even in flea markets. I never really got all those DIY weddings where this kind of style was supposedly so "cheap" . We had ideas though. At some point the plan was to go to France and get a full case of classic Orangina glass bottles and use them for that purpose. Except one more time, the swedish people saved the day. We found this and  this vases when we were not looking for them and we were all set.What's more, at the end of the reception they doubled as "favors" and everyone was happy.
  I am not sure if it is usual, but in Mexico it is quite typical for guests to take the centerpieces home. We loved the fact that our guests (and us) would be able to reuse the pretty vases. Oh but you know what was the best part ? I learnt that Dahlias are Mexico's national flower, and it is funny how unknowingly they became a part of it. First of all, Leontine, the lovely girl who prepared our flowers, used them in the arrangements. But also, unaware of this information, I just spontaneously chose them,  the night before at the supermarket,  for the kids' baskets and fountain decoration that we prepared the last moment.
  I think preparing those baskets was the closest I got to the weddig day Zen. Don't get me wrong, I was overjoyed the whole day, but not calm. I guess calm is just not me. I was more like happy hyper.
 I learnt that Nerines come from South Africa, and I learnt other names like Delphinium. , Gerberas...  (Clearly I was almost flower illiterate, because some of these flowers are well known). The girl who did our flowers really was amazing. She also made pretty flower barrettes for my mom, sister and me:
If you are looking for inspiration, I really recommend you check out Sophie's blog, I heart flowers. She makes pretty, pretty stuff and if you are in the UK, you're in luck. 

*Photos again by Fotoflex, our friend Celia, my sister, and Isis our lovely sister in law.


  1. I love flowers but I am pretty much illiterate when it comes to them. My favourite are magnolias, because we had a magnolia tree at our country side home. I used to climb it and smell the flowers from up there, and write thoughts in their leaves...

    The last picture of the two is you is frame-worthy, absolutely adorable!

  2. @ Marcela ohhh Magnolias, I didn't really know them before either, but we have some trees in the street and they are so pretty. In spring, when they bloom. Nothing will ever beat the almond and cherry blossoms but they come close. How cool writing thoughts in leaves.
    Thanks :)


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