Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home improvement

You may or may not know the fabulous family behind Young House Love. They have the cutest baby girl. No, but wait, I meant to say how great they are at redecorating and making the spaces in their home prettier and functional. Seriously, I find them really inspiring. Go visit them, I will wait for you.
So, we finally decided which of our wedding pictures would go on the wall, had them printed last week and now they are nice and hanging.
 In the first picture you can see our now green kitchen. It used to be gray. And we also painted our walls light green. Here you can get an idea of how it used to be:
We redecorated and painted our used-to-be chimney as well. I had to convince the boy that a little bit of pink would look ok. So here is the before and after:
All of our doors are now aqua green. It reminds me of the south of France. They used to be just wooden. We had this problematic wall that would not take the white paint, no matter how many layers we put. So we covered it in wallpaper. It is just a small wall, so even if it is flowery, it is not overwhelming (or so we think).
And, the boy just made our little storage room very functional. I don't have a before picture with our stuff, but imagine everything laying in the floor. A complete mess.
And you? Have you been busy playing decorator, painter, refurbisher?


  1. Hola Amanda! Te he dejado un premio aquí: http://nuestrasaventurasencasa.blogspot.com/2011/08/premio-la-versatilidad.html

  2. Your apartment looks so nice!!!
    I haven't done any remodeling this year, but I did last one and have a lot planned for next year, when I will have (hopefully) finished the LLM I am currently studying for and the babies will start nursery school.

  3. Oh my goodness oh my goodness!!! your apartment is CRAZY PERSON AMAZING! And The pictures you choice to frame! How lovely! And a BLUE frame?? Genius!!

  4. @ Jazmin, muchas gracias y saludos!

    @ Marcela, thanks so much ! What is an LLM ? Master? Starting school was always exciting. My mom says on my first day at school I was super happy , like OK, mom, you can go now. But then I saw children crying and I started too , like apparently I thought oh, I am supposed to cry now...

    @ Lauren, thanks :) Blue frame is from IKEA and it was actually super cheap. They have all kinds of colors and sizes too. We are crazy about colors so they are perfect


  5. LLM: Magister Legum/Master of Laws.
    I am doing it through distance learning with the University of London so the exciting part was getting the books, as there is no "first day"involved.

  6. love this! The blue frame is so fun!

  7. @ Ariel, thanks

    @ Marcela, well books are always exciting . And getting boxes from the post office /mail man as well !

  8. It looks so lovely! Those doors are adorable. And that corner of your kitchen looks so cozy... I love how the light gets in, filtered by the blinds.

  9. @ Ines, thanks. For the doors we had the color made specially for us. It was quite a nice experience, I did not know this machines, but they just take different pots and mix and they can make any shade you can imagine, it's like magic.
    And yes, the light in our little home is one of the things we like the most.

  10. Lovely!

    And this reminds me I abandoned blogging about our redecorating efforts halfway through. Really should fix that...

  11. @ a girl,
    Thanks ! And glad to see you here (as you know I have been reading you every now and then). Hope you have a nice weekend. And you can always write again right ?


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