Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turquoise tendencies

Does it ever happen to you that you go hunting for the furniture and as soon as you find nice colorful things, they call it "design" and the price goes high high high into the sky? Like this:

or this:
Via here
Well... we were not gonna have any of it. So instead, we went to that swedish place and got this:
Via here
And then. you guessed it, we started to paint:

And voilà:


  1. Great! Your bookcase looks perfect!
    I do the same thing, I customize everything with paint. The price tag for most things from stores other than Ikea is just ridiculous. There's an inspiring website called Ikea Hackers, I don't know if you know it, but just in case here it is: http://www.ikeahackers.net/

  2. Ohhh thanks I didn't know the site, and the boy is going to love it :)
    Thaanks :)

  3. Sure thing! I love things from Pottery barn but with its high prices it always stays as love affair that I could never bring home! I have a soft spot for turquoise so now I´m loving the first picture! Good idea doing it yourself! Yhe color you chose is one of my fave ever!
    (I don´t know if I shuld write in spanish or english when commenting here. tips? :) )

  4. Amanda, your bookcase looks lovely! Great job!

    @Marcela: I have a lot of Ikea hacks at my place, and never had seen that site, how amazing! In fact, the company I work for had the whole office remodeled and I created all of the wall storage from ikea kitchen units. A designer needs to be creative when dealing with a low budget. And it works, everybody loves those cabinets! I will share that in my blog one of this days.

  5. @Nat, si quieres hablamos en español, es más natural para las dos :) Y si, el turquesa... me encanta, me recuerda Grecia, Marruecos... el mar. Y ultimamente todo lo que escogemos o es azul, o verde limon. El rosa tambien me gusta, pero tratamos de limitarlo Jaja .

    @ Ines, thanks :) Yeah, it is a good idea to use ikea kitchen units for wall storage. I saw something similar at a french website, where a girl made a really nice child's library out of kitchen storage:


  6. I've seen something similar on pinterest, I find it so adorable... :)

  7. @Amanda: te encantaria mi casa entonces. Está toda en todos de verde y azul. Es mas, la cocina es blanca con una pared turquesa:)

    @Inês: All our apartment was furnished exclusively with Ikea stuff that we hacked/repurposed, etc. My husband even adapted a mix of closet and kitchen doors for our closets. I LOVE Ikea!

  8. cleaver ideas makes our place unique ;)


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