Our wedding planning

Whether you are engaged (hooray), looking for inspiration, or if, like me, you just like to read about weddings, I wrote about our experiences on that path and I thought it would be handy to put them all together.

-Here is a list of useful resources over the internet that guided us, helped us, inspired us.
- The story of the epic search for my wedding dress.
- Our flowers, and how we reuse our vases (almost) everyday.
-Our inspiration, from here and there.
-The venue that we wanted, and couldnt' have.
-How we finally chose a place, and how it was all for the better.
-A great french place to get macarons, cake and other delicacies.
-My favorite dresses, or how I found my shoes.
-The days before the wedding.
-Setting it up + an easy how-to-make-a-photobooth tutorial. and a giveaway, that is still open.
-About "A practical wedding", because preparing the marriage is the most important step of them all.
-My wedding graduate post, where I describe how we experienced THE day.
-Our first dance.
-Our experience trying to take our pictures taken, during our wedding "photoshoot".
-What we did right after the wedding .
-Our anniversary. A year passed so fast. And how we celebrated it.
-Finally deciding which pictures would go on our walls.
-Wedding album dilemmas.

* First photo by Fotoflex , second by Karfee Tang photography.
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