Sunday, July 10, 2011

Homage to the dress I didn't have.

Well, this is not supposed to be a wedding blog. Though I must confess I have a little bit of an addiction to the wedding pretties. And I always wanted to tell the dress story (after all that is how I found Meg, Lauren and all of you other amazing girls). Because one thing I knew. I knew I did not want a strapless, A-line, taffeta, sparkly, puffy huge dress. And I wanted sleeves. And I wanted the dress to have a historic feel, from the Middle Ages or the Renaissance period. I am not gonna deny this probably came from watching the lovely dresses worn by Danielle de Barbarac (that is Drew Barrymore in Ever After):

or Eowyn from Lord of the Rings:

And then, before I even was engaged, my best friend, who happens to live across the ocean asked me to go and check for her the wedding dresses at a certain shop that we both loved since our tramway passed in front of it every time on our way to University. And there I went. My first experience trying wedding dresses. And wow. Little did I expect that I would be totally in love with the first dress I ever tried on. That it would be THE dress:

Except, 8 months forward, when the boy asked me to marry him :) I had moved countries, and now that my turn had finally come to choose a wedding dress (though in my heart I knew no dress would ever make me feel like that first one), said dress was nowhere to be found. Of course I knew the model. But in the shops that carried the brand, they did not have it. When I showed them similar dresses, they actually scolded me... as in: "Ummm no, you see those dresses in american and british catalogs, but they are in fact for pregnant girls". Yeah. Right, Exactly. This is what I thought  %!$"&*. So I went on and on, to different shops and all they had was puffy, shiny huge things. And no, I did not want to be a marshmallow. And no, not all of those dresses looked so bad, it's just that I felt in disguise. I realized if I wanted that one, THE dress, I would have to actually travel to get it. And even if I went by train it would still be expensive. (Train fares are so expensive in Europe these days). Not to mention I would have to go at least 3 times. I also tried to find it on sale second-hand, but I was not able at the time. Oh, so I had to give up on it. THE dress. In the end though, I found a shop, where finally the girls were nice and hepful and got the idea of what would suit me and my "particular" requirements. Though apparently, I am not the only one. Judging by the internet a lot of us girls want "different" dresses. That are either so hard to find or have a $$$$$$$$$$ tag on them. It took me a while, but I learned to love the dress I chose, and the boy told me a million times how beautiful I looked (Cause I am guilty, even after the wedding, I would still stress over it, still think back to that other dress, and then feel bad about being so superficial). But now, now that the dust has settled in and I finally finished our wedding album, I have come to love the dress I wore. Because I got married on it, because it made me feel myself, because hubby found me beautiful, and special, and unique. So if you are curious, here it is: 

Photos via:

and special thanks to Isis, my dear sister in law who took pictures at our wedding .


  1. Qué linda foto! Qué contenta se te ve!

  2. Oh your dress is so pretty! And it definitely looks a bit like your inspiration pictures.

    I think we all have some kind of "one that got away" when it comes to our wedding. Some detail you wanted that just didn't work out. That's just how it goes I guess. I'm glad you've come to love it. Making our album helped me get over some of my feelings of regret too.

  3. @ Marcela, gracias :) no se exactamente que hacia en esa foto, pero me gusta, porque transmite la emoción .

    @Rachelle, thanks :) And yeah you´re right, you can´t control everything, but like it´s been said over and over, it won´t really matter. BTW, you are fast with your album :p

  4. Oh I think it's beautiful!

  5. Thanks so much Lisa :) I also really liked it in the end .

  6. ¡Pero si ibas guapísima con tu vestido! No le des más vueltas, era el perfecto para ti ;)
    En mi caso, también he elegido "el primer vestido que me probé". Fue extraño, al ser el primero de todos, me vi bien pero no me convenció. Después de probarme otros veinte y volver al primero... mi cara se iluminó y supe que era "el mío". De momento me lo están haciendo a medida, aún quedan seis meses para mi evento. ¡Saludos desde España! ;)

  7. @ Miss Chloe, gracias :) Es raro no, que sea el primer vestido? Y si, es una sensacion rara. Nada de eso de que el mundo se detiene y te vienen lagrimas a los ojos, pero definitivamente se siente algo. Te sientes tu, en vez de disfrazada, y te ves comoda, pero increible. Que emocion, disfruta mucho esta temporada de preparacion (no solo en cuanto detalles, sino tambien la parte emocional). Muchos saludos y gracias por pasarte !

  8. I prefer the second one I think!! But that could be your amazing smile, you look so happy!! :-)

    I wanted a pretty normal wedding dress but didn't want it to be strappless, that was even still pretty tough, I ended up getting it on sale in my home town so have had expensive trips down for fittings, but becuase it was on sale it has still worked out cheaper. xox

    1. Thanks ! That was a very happy moment, and we were already relieved (after the ceremony and the express photo session), we had just arrived at the reception where everyone was waiting for us and we were ready to enjoy.

      I was also determined not to get a strapless dress. It's good that you were able to find a good deal anyway and that it is still cheaper! Yay for saving! (Though for me it really was one of the things where I was willing to splurge, I'm just in love with lace, even now).


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