Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Ice-Cream World Tour: Den Haag

I guess it is no wonder that we are crazy about ice-cream. We made a point in having an ice-cream stand at our wedding.
Photo by Fotoflex Nederland
So I thought I would share some of the best ice-cream shops I've been too, in different places, so you too can travel the world by eating ice cream. This is all based on our own personal experience, and nobody paid us to write this.

 Let's start with Den Haag. In the busy commercial street Spuistraat, at number 64 Lange Poten, number 3 you will find an italian, handmade ice-cream shop that is always crowded and open til quite late (at least until it´s dark). It's called "Marinello Ijs".
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I have tried dark chocolate, tiramisu, cinammon, strawberry and mango and all of these flavors are delicious. Will have to continue with the rest of the flavors. The "creamy" flavors have been the best so far. The staff is very friendly, and numerous, so even if there are lots of people the service is very fast.

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Oh, and you can only pay in cash. (I point this out because here in Holland, it is very common to pay everything with debit card, or Pin, as they call it here, even very small amounts). But don't worry, there are cash machines nearby. Last time we went there it was almost closing time, and they actually waited for us to go get some money. We had to have ice-cream.

Post edit: Unfortunately, this ice cream shop has closed, I believe, because the owners retired.   
After being closed for the winter while hoping to find a new place, they are back, very close to their old location at Lange Poten 3, and with new flavors too.
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  1. Great tips! I was wondering: can you find vegan food in The Netherlands?

  2. Hello Marcela... well the organic/biologic movement is very popular, so you have specialized supermarkets and can find almost everything (like almond, oatmeal milk, tofu, tauge etc) there. In the regular supermarkets these products are also very common. And as far as going out, I guess it is simple if you stick to the indonesian/indian/asian/turkish restaurants which often have vegetable dishes without dairy or eggs. There is a very strong international influence... not sure if this is helpful. We try to eat meat/chicken only twice a week and we make sure it is biological. But it is a hard route to follow, if you want to do it strictly. (The no milk part for me is the hardest).

  3. I have been turning vegan progressively and the no-dairy was the most difficult part, but now it isn't. Still not many products here in Cyprus but more and entering the market. I am flexible when we travel, though and I am still converting many recipes.
    Many thanks for the info!

  4. I'm gonna love this series! Can't wait to hear some more, I LOVE ice cream! And now I'm a bit jealous of that ice-cream stand at your wedding... just a bit... :) Maybe I'll give you a few tips on portuguese shops.

    OH, and you look so lovely... I'm loving the whole outfit!

  5. @ Ines, thank you so much :) I loved your peach metallic shoes, so cute.
    I am an ice-cream addict since as long as I can remember !
    And tips from portuguese shops would be great ! Or would you like to write a guest post ? You just have to go, have ice cream and take some pics + your veredict :p

  6. Sounds like you're giving just the right excuse to kidnap the hubby for an ice-cream afternoon! How can I deny that? :)

    And now that a whole year passed (wedding speaking) and I'm fully recovered, I will begin to share things about my wedding, and I'm planning a series about special things that makes a day unique. So, girl, you'll have to share that Ice-cream stand experience! Deal? ;)


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