Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last week we went to Italy. When we travel, we try to experience "normal", everyday situations as much as possible. We love going to the supermarket, for practical reasons, but mostly for the fun of it. And to bakeries.Trying new pastries is the best, every country does them a bit different.

We like the randomness of walking in an unknown city and suddenly being surprised by the unexpected. This is how we stumbled upon "La Specola". This is a truly unusual museum, totally worth it if you are at all interested in science (medical or not). It lies inside the faculty of Biology and apart from a very extensive natural history collection there is a beautiful garden. The true gem, though, is a collection of wax models from the 17th century. The models look so real, so well done. It is quite impressive how advanced medicine was back then. As we found it, after being slightly disappointed by the attraction-park feeling you get from walking in the crowds and crowds of visitors in the height of the summer, I was jumping up and down.

Best ice tea ever

We were there for a wedding, in case you are curious, these were our outfits:

Notice the boy's foot.


  1. ahhh la Toscana, qué belleza!
    PS: Amé tus zapatos!

  2. Si... precioso, nos quedamos con ganas de más. A ver si a la próxima podemos ir en coche para poder "pueblear" más fácilmente !

  3. Those shoes are beautiful! Lucky you, a wedding in Tuscany - how fun.

  4. @Kirsty, thanks :) And yeah, we were looking forward to this trip back since January when we found out, now we still feel like a vacation. Happy you came to visit !


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