Friday, July 15, 2011

The Sea

I miss it. Not that I didn't notice that I'm living in a country that was literally built in the water... but since it's cold it's not the same.
For me, the summer means going to the beach, playing in the water for hours and hours, enjoying the sun, collecting shells and getting sticky. And whenever I see THE water, I have to go and touch it. (That's also how I ended up with water 'til my  knees inside the Grand Canal in Venice, but that´s another story).  Many summers during my childhood were spent by the ocean. But turns out the boy finds it boring to play in the water. Sure he liked it when he was a kid, but now he gets sick of it quite easy. I´m the hyperactive one, but he can not bear to stay in the sand and do nothing sunbathe or read a book and be calm. So I think when we go on vacation as a family we will be doing a lot of camping, a lot of cities and a lot of road trips. That's what I love about Europe, you can go through 4 countries in... 6 hours driving. Can not imagine such a thing in Mexico, or the whole American continent for that matter. I do hope we will have some lazy vacations by the water... sometime.


  1. I grew up mainly near the beach as well and I miss it a lot. I don't even live that far from the ocean now (a few hours driving), but I hardly ever get to go see it. there's something magical about the way the waves lap at the sand.. I'm about to head up to Maine for a little beach time, and a lot of camping - so funny, it'll take me 9 or 10 hours driving to get there and it's just one country. I'm so jealous of you Europeans! -dday

  2. Have fun at the beach :) And yeah... the Americas, in Mexico you can also drive for hours and hours and still be in the same country. But it makes it rich in a way, since it is so varied.


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