Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The endless lives of our glass vases

or what our wedding taught me about flowers.

Back when we were looking for inspiration I saw antique vases and old painted tin cans to be used as centerpieces.
Via Ruffled
Except when we went to antiquary shops or flea markets, we found out that stuff is EX-PEN-SIVE. So we kept looking, and at some point at a certain swedish furniture shop we found our vases. We were going for a wild, sylvester look. Like we had gone to the fields and collected flowers the same day. This is how they looked on the day:
Sorry, pic is not so good
We were so happy with them, and what's best, our guests were able to take them as a memory and we kept a few as well. And now, they are part of our everyday lives and they remind us of our special day. I learnt that Dahlia's are our (Mexico's) national flower, that aztecs used for ceremonies:
and that peonies need a lot of water. I learnt names like Delphinium, Anemones and Ranunculus. And it makes me so happy to see them by our window.


  1. Girl... I could have written this! :D
    We wanted that country/rustic/romantic/vintage (whatever) look and also knew that buying would be expensive. We spent months collecting jars and bottles, from everything you can think of that we consumed at our families houses... jam, tomato sauce, juice, pickles, mayo, wine... and in the end we had a huge collection for our tables!

    And now I have them over the fire place, on the windows... with flowers and candles...

  2. Yeah, exactly, at some point the plan was to drive to France and get tons of Orangina glass bottles and bring them... they have Orangina hear but only in plastic. Would have been complicated since the glass ones are only available in cafes-restaurants I think.
    But I am glad we found these, and I am glad to have some around :)


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