Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank you

 Thanks to all of you who put up with were here reading this wedding series every day. When I started writing recaps, I thought I would be done within a week or a week and a half max. As it turned out,  it ended up taking me 3 weeks. If by any chance a bride-to-be stumbles upon this posts, I hope they can be of help or inspiration. In the same line, I would like to thank those sources I found here and there that helped and inspired us during our wedding planning, and who knows, maybe they can also help another couple somewhere.
- There is of course A practical wedding. All those smart discussions are not to be missed. I can assure you,  you will keep going back. Don't be misguided by the title, it is not only about weddings, though mostly, yes. It is a community, it is support,  it is breaking the mould and finding your way. Go check, you'll see what I mean.
-You can read all of Meg's wedding planning here. I originally found her blog in a rather superficial way by googling something like "wedding dress not poofy, not strapless, not sparkly". Then I was hooked.
-For pretty inspiration I loved Green Wedding Shoes.
-If you can read french, Mademoiselle Dentelle is full of original ideas and sane advice as well (Now she also writes at  Madame Dentelle with recipes, home improvement and all kinds of tips) .
-For a different perspective you can go to Jolis mariages and Tren di Nozze, french and italian wedding and party inspiration blogs.
-When you want a break of it all, I recommend East Side Bride with her no-nonsense fashion and sometimes general life advice. She is hilarious. The  Broke ass Bride is also very funny and full of practical ideas.
-You should also absolutely read "Comment être une vraie princesse mais en moins coincée"  by Iris se Marie, where she describes what we can learn from the royals, or how to look like a princess without looking like a 5 year old. No really. Read it. It is one of the funniest things I found, I want to print it or something. (And sorry, there is no direct link to the post itself but it is the 2nd post from the top on the first link)
-Then there is Robin at Hitchdied, who keeps starting smart conversations and rebels against all the cultural b******t that society dictates on women, in the context of her own wedding planning. But in a very funny way.
-Sharon, who writes at Bride Sans Tulle, is wise, thoughtful, sweet and sassy. You can read about her wedding day and planning on her blog. Her wedding grad at A Practical Wedding is one of my all time favorites.
-Lauren's prewedding adventures are also worth a read. Post edit: Here is her wedding graduate post and you can read more about her fabulous wedding here and here.
-Ines just started a series about her lovely lovely wedding. She wore salmon shiny shoes and made her dress and all kinds of cool games for her guests. I can't wait to read what she has to say.
-And Peonies and the Boy's wedding is also one of the most beautiful I ever saw. These days she writes about her life in the UK, she seems so wise and kind. Oh and her pictures. Make me dream.
I hope to see you back here  on Monday... on our regular random subjects :) Thanks again !


  1. thank you for sharing! it's great to see how other people dealt with the same issues with did. oh, well, and curiosity is part of being human, of course! and oh, thanks for the link and compliments! I'll try to live up to it :)

  2. It has been a pleasure getting to know more of all those special moments. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. @ Ines and Marcela, hugs to both of you. Thanks for reading and supporting all along. I'm baking a cake, the whole kitchen smells like glory wish you were both here and we could have tea together :)


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