Friday, September 2, 2011


just might be my favorite food. And you don't necessarily have to eat it exclusively in the morning. I love jam, butter, bread, tea and milk. I love fruit, I love oatmeal. I wish we could survive on breakfast alone. Or on breakfast and ice-cream alone. I have had whole discussions argumenting that ice-cream is actually healthy breakfast. It is made of milk, eggs, fruit.  If you ever go to Amsterdam there is a little breakfast place that you shouldn't miss.

Kerkstraat 46-48, by the Leidsestraat
We went there way after breakfast time, and nobody thought it was weird. In fact everyone else was also eating omelettes or pancakes or something of the sort. Now that I think about it last Sunday we ate breakfast the whole day. We woke up, and had oatmeal with apple and tea. Then we went to the city and had said pancakes.They are supposed to be a Dutch specialty and we hadn't eaten them in a while.Later in the day we met friends for tea and I had to have eggs benedict.

It was quite a perfect day. With nice pleasant weather in between the rain. Yes. It is all about the moments. In this country you have to appreciate the moments when it is NOT raining. The moments in between.


  1. ...or you can learn to love the rain ;)

  2. The moments in between... Así mismo. Y los holandeses lo saben.
    Los domingos nos reunimos con los amigos de mi novio. Ellos toman una cervecita, yo el vinito, y en esta época de "verano", pues nos sentamos en el jardín de turno. Y es gracioso cuando es día de esos donde no llueve constantes sino con cada nubesita que pasa, porque si es un simple rocio, se quedan afuera mojandose esperando a que pase la nube, y si la lluvia se intensifica pero dura pocos segundos, entran, se refugian los segundos que sean necesarios y vuelven a salir como niños chicos con un trapo en la mano para secar sus respectivos asientos! Todo con tal de disfrutar de estos "días de calor".
    Todavía no he perfeccionado esa técnica que ellos aplican. Así que si veo agua muy seguido, entro, cojo una revista y me reuno con ellos cuando realmente ya no llueva!
    By the way, aquí, literalmente, pueden desayunar todo el día. Pan en la mañana, en la tarde y en la noche. Y ya están alimentados!

  3. Nice hunters! I could never pull them off, but they look lovely. I love these ones:

    A colourful raincoat might also help. Mine is burnt orange but I never get to wear it here!

  4. Oh I think I could totally pull them off. I actually already had flowery rubber boots (you can see them on te picture in my about page) but I had to leave them with a friend when I moved. The black ones are original with the heel.
    And yeah, raincoats are also fun. I should get mine (it is light beige brown with pink flower centers).

  5. Those pancakes look so yummy :) I am also in love with breakfasts :) Your french is very good, did you learn it at school?
    xo xo from Belgium

  6. Hello Serena, nice to see you here. And yeah, pancakes were really nice. And I learnt some french at school, then went to Switzerland (where my dad's family comes from)and studied there.
    Take care !

  7. I read this on saturday, but my internet connection was getting on my nerves and only alowed me to take a snap of it. The day began in a rush with lots to do, as saturdays usually are around here, but then in the afternoon we realized we were on our own with nothing to do. Oh my, how I missed an afternoon on the couch... some dvd's on screen and we're done! Well... Till we got hungry. In my mind I could only see pancakes and jam... I didn't knew why, only later I realized it had been your post! It was speaking to me in the back of my head. So, I went to the kitchen just to realise I had no eggs. Whaaaaat? You're better than that, you can do pancakes without eggs, I thought. So... grated apple, flour, potato flakes, milk, a bit of sugar and cinnamon... will it work?? Yes! Oh, yes! How fast can two people eat a large plate full of pancakes? You don't wanna know...

  8. @ Ines, ohh those inspiration-of-the-moment-let's improvise pancakes sound so good with apple and cinammon and potato . It's funny how our subconscious works huh? Picking up images everywhere and then playing tricks on you. We try to make poffertjes (miniature dutch puffy pancakes) yesterday but it was a disaster. Iron cast pans are a mystery. I sealed it in the oven and still after the 2nd round they were all sticking. Out of a full batch we made 1 big pancake and 20 tiny ones. Maybe I will show you how big the disaster was. Glad you were lucky !


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