Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Muffin testing.

For my last birthday, the boy gave me this book and some paper cupcake liners. Only after we had a whole discussion where I had to convince him (with an actual article) why it was better and easier if we got not 1 but 2 muffin baking sheets.
 Not least of all because most of the recipes make more than 12 muffins. So my first try was with this yoghurt -and -oil- butter -free -recipe. And lately I have been trying other recipes. I made this banana crumb muffins one of those days when you don't know what to do with over-ripe bananas. They were so good I did not even get the chance to take some pictures. Perfectly moist, and crunchy on top. Oh and the whole house smelled like heaven. You should have seen the boy's face when he opened the door and smelled them. Priceless. The last recipe I've tried is these lemon-raspberry muffins. They were truly delicious.
 I have to say that I used 2 eggs instead of 1 and I added cinammon because that's what I do to everything. I also added blueberries as well, but not to all of them. The only thing I don't understand is how Deb managed to defy gravity so that the raspberry stayed on top.(Look at the photos of her muffins to see what I mean).  On mine, the fruit slowly sank down to the bottom of the muffin as the batter grew in the oven. It was a nice surprise though, to find a fresh tangy raspberry inside the lemony cake.
 Oh and while I was at it, the boy had to make a silly joke pun,  intended: Why would we need a KitchenAid when we have a Kitchen maid? Haha not funny.
Kitchen maid in action


  1. Nice! I have lately been experimenting making vegan cupcakes and muffins with vegetables and fruits inside of them, so as to get my kids to eat veggies (it worked!). To prevent the raspberry from sinking, try tossing its bottom in a little flour before putting it on top of the muffin.It may also be that the batter was not thick enough to hold the raspberry, you may try mixing it less.
    Anyhow, they look fantastic!

  2. Hahaha!! I have to say your boy has sence of humor! But no, no way, nothing replaces a good mixer, specially a kitchenaid. No mister, no.

    About the sinking raspberries, would that have anything to do with you using two eggs instead of one? Deb's batter looked thicker. With lighter batters you can use that flour trick Marcela suggested, that's what my grandmother used to do, and she was a kitchen godess. I'm thinking, why are raspberries and blueberries so darn expensive here? Need a house with a garden. Immediatly.

  3. PS: we have the same dish drainer. That swedish store rocks.

  4. A veces me hace enojar que no tengamos un horno de verdad en nuestra cocina.... A veces sólo quiero hacer un pollo, unas papas, una lasaña, que sé yo... pero no puedo porque lo que tenemos es un micro que a veces puedes usarlo como horno...
    Anyways, la cosa es que otras veces agradesco que no lo tenemos, porque seguro haría muchas cosas dulces y seríamos unos gordos... A mi novio y a mí nos encanta chuchear, de hecho, evitamos comprar chucherías en el mercado para no comer tanto!
    No, no... menos mal que no tengo horno! Me volvería una Bree Van de Kamp!

  5. I just noticed that you used 2 eggs instead of one, after reading Inês comment: that's definitely why the raspberries sank, my dear!

  6. I dream of the day I own a kitchenaid. They are so beautiful. On another note, maybe Deb has secret baking witchy powers which mae her raspberries stay up. I will have to test this myself one day soon.

  7. @ Marcela, wow veggies vegan muffins, sounds interesting, are they a little bit like a mini soufflé or quiche ? Guess not, because of the lack of eggs? You will definitely need to let me know an example recipe ! Thanks for the flour tip, and maybe I overmixed though the dough seemed quite fluffy.

    @ Ines, haha a kitchen goddess. I wanna be one too. Someday. Well I used 2 eggs because recipe called for 1 large egg and mine were smallish. Yeah to the swedish place. And yeah, boy is funny.

    @ Ley, te entiendo nosotros igual somos super golosos, ambos. Definitivamente tenemos prohibido comprar dulces, galletas, pasteles, en el supermercado. Cuando compramos desaparecen en 1 dia, maximo 1 dia y medio. Asi cuando comemos algo es como un premio y lo controlamos mas. Y si, yo estaba tan feliz de tener horno, creo que es la primera vez como en 9 años que al fin tuve uno y me encanta hacer toda clase de platillos y postres.

    @ Marcela, really, the eggs? Because Deb asked for a large one...

    @ iripple, Michelle, yes, kitchenaid are beautiful I just want to stare at them. Now I want to try again with the tips above see If I can play against gravity!

  8. No, no, son muffins dulces y si te doy a probar uno ni te das cuenta que es vegano ! El sabor de las verduras queda disfrazado. Los huevos no hacen falta, en esta receta usaba yogurt de soja, pero tambien suelen usar para que la masa ligue leche vegetal, cortada con vinagre de sidra (hacen una buttermilk vegetal) y luego mezclada con el bicarbonato de sodio y el baking powder. Esto hace que la masa ligue (química pura, parece!)

    Esta receta es buena (pero yo reemplazo el sirope de agave por 1 banana, prefiero darles la menor cantidad de endulzantes posibles a Luka y Zoe)

  9. @ Marcela, wooow que curioso. Sabes, una de las cosas que me conflictuan volverme vegetariana /vegana al 100% es lo dificil que es tener una fuente proteica SIN soja. Y es que el cultivo de soja implica una catastrofe ambiental (desaparicion del amazonas, perdida de biodiversidad, consecuencias sociales por poblaciones indigenas desplazadas...). Creo que voy a escribir del tema, a menos claro que sea soja de una fuente sustentable, pero eso yo no lo he visto. Al final creo que es mejor optar por productos que aunque sean de origen animal, sean organicos /biologicos, al menos para nosotros es la forma de encontrar un equilibrio. Obvio son carisimos pero al menos asi comemos mucho menos que es lo que yo creo que debe ser.
    Y si lo de usar vinagre con bicarbonato es quimica pura, es necesario que haya un acido (como el buttermilk, o jugo de limon) para que se formen burbujas de gas en una reaccion exotermica y que la masa se levante . Como me gustaba la quimica.

  10. I love those lemon-raspberry muffins -- I make them all the time! And like everyone already said, the batter is thicker when you use one egg, so no sinking berries.
    p.s. thanks for entering my giveaway! i will definitely have to check out your fave book, it sounds wonderful :)

  11. @ Lilie, oh nice to know you made them too, I will definitely try again with only 1 egg ! And how could I not enter your giveaway, I find your blog very inspiring and interesting :)


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