Monday, September 19, 2011


Have I told you about A practical wedding before ? It is the one wedding blog I still religiously read every day. I guess because it is not really a wedding blog. Or it is, but it is so much more than that. There is Meg, who started it, with all her smart and sassy complaining back when she was wedding planning and then it became something else. Something much bigger. There are the fabulous Lauren and the funny Alyssa behind the scenes. And there is a huge circle of women navigating around it and supporting each other. Like Alyssa put it best about one week ago:

"APW isn't just about weddings, and that's what keeps everyone coming back.  It's an examination of, and conversation about, what it means to be a woman within the context of women who are getting married.  It's about being in a relationship and navigating the bumps and bruises that come with loving someone.  It's talking about the things that life likes to throw at you. It's about enjoying the joy in other women's lives and sharing in their happiness.  It's smart, sharp, funny discussions and, occasionally, pretty pretty pictures."

 And guess what? I am over there today ! Telling you how our wedding felt. I wrote about it on the first weeks after the wedding, because I wanted the emotions documented when they were still fresh. I am kind of jumping up and down. So before you head over there, I want to congratulate our dear Hanna, who just got engaged THIS morning. Yay :) So Hanna, now  you've got some (smart) reading to do over there. Wishing you both all the best ! 

* again, the photo above is by Isis, our lovely sister in law.


  1. Nice! I'm heading over there right now! :)

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Your post this morning was absolutely lovely ... and so full of good advice!

    Happy anniversary a couple days late!

  3. @ Sarah and Marcela thank you so much :)

  4. Amanda! Congrats on a really lovely wedding, which I saw on APW. Love the dress and the lanterns most of all, ahhhhhh they are so dreamy and romantic! I saw you very generously wouldn't mind passing stuff on to other brides? I live in Holland and we're having our reception on 2nd June next year - would love to use some of your decor (especially those dreamy lanterns)!!! We live in Rotterdam - where are you? We could come pick stuff up? My email address is , hope to hear from you! And now... I shall read all your blog hahahaha ;)

  5. @ Alana, thank you soo much ! I just wrote you an email . Glad to see you sometime soon :) Hope you enjoy it here. And so happy you came by .

  6. This is awesome! I started reading it yesterday, but could not make it to the end... kept being interrupted by the work phone ringing :) not having computer at home is a crap! I will soak every word of it.

  7. @ Ines Thanks.. and I know computers... and computer bugs. My computer is acting very strange, as in maybe some hardware is broken. I pray and hope it is fixable because we can not really replace it. Keep crossing my fingers so yours get "cleaned" as soon as possible. And yes, whenever I have a break I totally sneak to read blogs.... APW being one of them.

  8. I just read this again!! Because I am thinking about writing a wedding graduate post, your day looks so wonderful and I love your dress!! xox

    1. Thanks so much :) Looking forward to your wedding graduate post :)


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