Friday, September 16, 2011

The prettiness

 As lame as this is going to sound, it was when we were wedding planning that I discovered this amazing thing that is the blogosphere, and more importantly the communities and friendships that grow around it. You start looking for inspiration, and it is funny how at first everything is new and original and amazing and after you've seen x "real" weddings you start to see a pattern. There is even a term to define this feeling of saturation: overexposure. And of course, at APW, there is an article about the phenomenon:

"I don't know. After a while everything just starts looking the same, and I'm rebellious so I think, "I'll do it differently! I won't even HAVE flowers at my wedding! "

The mythic East Side Bride wrote that other article that if you are still wedding planning, I strongly recommend you print and frame somewhere. Your wedding is not a photoshoot. As silly as this sounds, it took a while for this to dawn on me, to realize that all this pretty, dreamy pictures were not real. Oh yeah, because they make it look so true to life. I think it was the boy who pointed this out to me: "But look, you barely ever see people in those pictures. And it is all so perfect"
Today, though, I wanted to show you the pictures and weddings that inspired us, that stood out and talked to us.

I know that I am late to this party. Lots of  other people have been talking about this before, and I finally succumbed. Yes we are talking about pinterest. Just for the sake of memories, and also to finally erase my long and messy list of bookmarks, I started pinning and even put all our wedding inspiration in one board.Yes, please, go look. It is my new obsession. I love how everything looks organized and structured and how you can keep track of everything, from recipes, to things for the home, to articles about animals, travel pictures, you name it. Are you pinning yet? If you are interested I have 6 invites, so just let me know and we can do this together.

Images, in order, via here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


  1. I love your party inspiration!
    I am on pinterest but have forbid myself to actually get into it until after I finish my LLM studies. I know I'll get addicted ;)

  2. Aunque me encante ver fotos de bodas {de esas que se ven por internet y que, en realidad son mas un photoshoot que una boda} tengo que reconocer que tenes razon en las cosas que decis: a la larga, todas terminan siendo parecidas, las mismas poses, las mismas imagenes, las mismas sonrisas. Aun asi, sigo mirandolas porque me encanta ver la decoracion que eligieron, la paleta de colores, los souvenirs que entregaran, los vestidos de las damas de honor...

  3. Isn't pinterest great? I am definitely using it to collect wedding inspiration, and as much of a blessing that it is, it is also somewhat of a curse. I have all these white short dresses pinned, and they are all starting to look the same. Now I don't even want a white dress anymore...

  4. @ Marcela, I know, it is addictive ! I have you there and ready for when you start pinning .

    @ Nat, si a mi tambien me sique encantando ver, aunque estoy un poco desenganchada, aunqeu checo de vez en cuando pero, me ha costado. Aun despues de la boda hubo una epoca en que checaba diario, solo por si veia alguna idea nueva para mesas de postres, pasteles.... hay unas decoraciones de verdad super originales y bonitas. Y Marcela por ejemplo sabe como usar esas ideas en muchas otras ocasiones ;)

    @ Anna, oh yeah, it is great. Maybe you should stop looking at white dresses for a while ? Or maybe you should go for color ? I have seen some white handpainted dresses that are absolutely beautiful.

  5. Es que muchas de las ideas que se ven en decoracion de mesas, decoraciones de fiestas o decoraciones de mesas dulces son tan multifuncionales que se pueden adaptar y usar a cualquier otra ocasion!! Es como si el mundo de las bodas se estuviera expandiendo hacia otras festividades y me parece muy bueno eso! Me gusta el toque de color y diversion para una boda, no creo que tenga que ser todo tan solemne y... white! LOL!


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