Monday, September 26, 2011

A love affair

with Cymbeline. Oh yes. It all started when I was on my first year of medicine, in Geneva. We were supposed to be learning every bone, muscle, tendon, vein, and instead, the older sister of one of my best friends was going to get married and so we spent our time in the library looking at wedding dress catalogs. That's how I first found out about this lovely dresses. Then, when I lived at a student residence in Carouge, a pretty neighbourhood  in Geneva, the tramway line that would take me to the university every day (line 12 if you are curious) passed every day in front of the boutique and so the daydreaming started.

Strange enough, when I moved to Barcelona there was also a Cymbeline boutique very close to my place so those dreamy dresses were always in my mind and in my sight. I already told you the story of the dress that I couldn't have. Well, it was a Cymbeline. When we went to France  last year, I kind of forced the boy to take me to a shop because I just wanted to look at the dresses. We were there in August, and in France, summer is sacred and lots of businesses just close for vacations. Look at me when I found out that sad piece of information.
Luckily, in another town nearby there was a boutique that had just reopened from their summer break and that's where I found THE shoes. It was just meant to be. The lace in the straps matched almost exactly the lace overlay in my wedding dress, and they only had a pair left, that fitted.
 I can only highly recommend Cymbeline. In my experience in 2 different boutiques in different countries, the staff was always incredibly nice, outgoing, friendly. And I just absolutely love their dresses. The company was founded by 3 sisters, that incorporate the french savoir-faire and old traditions of haute-couture and highest quality materials with the newest techniques. Every year I am there waiting for the new collection to come out just so I can drool over the screen. And their photoshoots in Paris, are so magical and glamorous and oh so french. Just take a look, and dream on...
*Photos by Fotoflex, by my sister and by the boy.


  1. When I looked at the video, I kept focusing on the reflectors, the cameras, the photographer's angle...I'm hopeless!;)

    Your shoes are lovely.

  2. Oh my stars, those are some dreeeeeaaaaamy dresses! And your shoes are like confection :)

  3. @ Marcela, yes I love that photoshoot. And the catalog pictures that take every year in Paris for the catalog. Like wooow. Sometimes you see the dress in a shoot, then the dress in real life, and then you realize there is magic in those pics. It's not the same with other photos.

    @ Lilie, yeaah dreaamy all over.

    And thanks to both of you :)

  4. I must confess that wedding boutiques are not my thing. Probably that has something to do with the fact that I rarely see a dress (here) that I could see myself wearing. The shop windows give me the creeps! I've never even tried one dress, can you believe? People used to ask me "aren't you looking forward to head the stores and try some dresses?". Not really...

    That being said, I think I saw 4 or 5 dresses I really liked in that collection! That has to be a record!! :) Actually... I always thought I would change my mind in Paris. ;)

    Your shoes are lovely lovely.

  5. @ Ines, well, I didn't really like the regular / typical wedding dresses, more like I hated them, and my experience in 2 shops that I went to here in Holland was different, not so nice, they didn't get the idea. But wow, you made your dress, that I couldn't have imagined myself doing. I wish I could do our curtains. But these dresses were always something else, very different and original (of course among some classic ones). And yeah, Paris.


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