Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Ice-Cream World Tour: Leiden

This week we have a brand new discovery, but totally worth it. While we were walking in the old center of Leiden I could not help but noticing a small little shop in the corner of a street, in front of a bridge ,where through a window you could see an expert girl working with chocolate and making some kind of fancy pretty cake. As we walked closer, we saw there was a huge line coming out of the shop (good sign). And then we saw people were getting ice-cream. Needless to say we had to try it. And I am glad we did because we were not disappointed. The place we are talking about is called Soetenso. They have homemade ice-cream, but also chocolate, bonbons and some cakes that I definitely have to go back and try. (If you click on the macaron you will see what I am talking about). I tested the berries ice-cream and the boy tried rhum and raisins. Mine was perfect. You could actually see the pieces of fruit inside (which is a bit rare, very often in flavors with berries you can tell they use syrup and almost no real fruit) and the taste was creamy and subtle. I will definitely come back for more.
 The boy's ice-cream was also creamy and full of flavour though I have to say I am not a big fan of ice-cream with alcohol in it. I was even surprised he chose it since he does not drink alcohol at all. If you are in Leiden, this is definitely a spot you shouldn't miss. And hey, there is also chocolate if you don't feel like ice-cream. Though I can not imagine someone not wanting ice-cream, ever.
 Their address is:
Korg Galgewater 1
2312 BR Leiden.

It is fairly easy to get there from the train station Leiden centraal:
See in google maps here
*This posts are based on my own personal experience and love for ice-cream, no one is sponsoring for writing this .


  1. Oh, that berries ice-cream looks so... yumm!
    Have you seem jamie oliver instant berries ice cream? I'm craving to try that.

  2. Ohh nice ! I want an ice-cream maker now ! I am Jamie Oliver's biggest fan, if you come we will take you to his restaurant in Amsterdam !And ice cream was yumm oh yeah .

  3. We will go, for sure! I want to see holland so much, I've been wanting to go there since I was a little girl. My dad went there on a work trip and brought such beautiful pictures of those fields and cities... I used to dream I would go live there :)

  4. Ines, you do know that if you come you guys are staying over with us right? Also, I also wanted to come since a loooong time ago and funny enough for one reason or another even after being 7 years in Europe already, I never really came here until I met the boy, guess it was meant to be.

  5. It was a destiny's thing! :)
    You are too sweet!


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