Saturday, September 24, 2011

Red or Yellow?

So is it gonna be red? 

Or is it going to be yellow?

Which do you like best ? We can't seem to decide... Let me know in your comments. Then I can make a graph.
Thanks for the funny chart ESB (hope you don't mind)
 Photos via here and here.


  1. I vote for yellow, it's happier and I love how it looks with turquoise and greens.

  2. I think I´m gonna have to go with yellow as well. It´s brighter and a happy color!

  3. Voto por el amarillo... tiene más estílo a ti!

  4. Yellow! Mainly because of the colour but also because I love the shape of the cabinet windows!

  5. Thanks to each of you for your opinions. I am also very convinced with yellow, like Nat says it is a happy color, and yes, the old school style.

  6. Late, but I still have an opinion... Yellow, I say! :) its bright and fun and I think it goes super with your turquoise.

  7. @Ines, I was waiting for your vote :) So thanks . And wow, my chart is gonna be boring with 100 % votes for yellow so far . And yes, blue and yellow is a pretty combination !


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