Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Of windows and cats.

The Dutch have this funny tradition of displaying all kinds of curious items in their windows for passerby's to see. You can find all kinds of things. From the obvious, like flowers, to fairies, elfs, garden dwarfs, dolls, to paintings, to elephant collections. You name it. It is funny to think that people arrange this things for strangers to see.  The houses here generally have big windows and there is some kind of voyeurism (hence the importance of curtains, talking of which, we still don't have). I have gotten in the game of looking inside houses, you know, for decoration tips, and to satisfy my endless curiosity. But the best window display ever was this one. So cute.

Aren't they the cutest? I couldn't help but remembering this:


  1. I noticed that when I went to Amsterdam, and I remember reading about it in a book called "Understanding the Dutch"that I read back then.
    A few years ago, we thought we might move to The Hague and started browsing funda.nl to check rental properties, etc (to check cost of living), and we were surprised by how many Buddhas and Shivas we saw in the interior decoration, and how many garden dwarfs were in the gardens. We also noticed a tendency towards a rather kitsch decor... was it just the website or is it a real trend there?

  2. You're killing me here...
    And oh, those Disney classics!

  3. @ Marcela, yes it is really something you notice. The decor is rather kitsch I have to admit, specially old ladies with a complete jungle and weir things. We found our little home through funda.nl :) Maybe I will send you the link (still there) and you can see the pics.

    @ Ines :) yep Disney classics are the best, I do prefer the old ones.


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