Friday, September 23, 2011

After the wedding.

Our reception finished around 18:30. By then, people were starting to get hungry again. So we all spontaneously decided to go for dinner at the beach, Scheveningen. Thing is, we are a disorganized crowd. Those days I learnt an english idiom: herding cats. That's exactly how it was. My parents went there first, with the rest of our extended family from Switzerland (aunts, uncles, cousins) and some of his friends from his university days at political science, that he hadn't seen since back then, and funny enough he got back in contact with through Facebook.
 We (Mark, my brother, his girl, brother in law, and my friends from university) were supposed to meet them there. But the beach is soo long, that we never found each other. We walked and walked and walked, and then realized that we weren't going to be able to meet. We were in contact with phones, but my dad being new to the place was unable to explain us where they were and as hard as we looked, it didn't happen. So we had dinner at a lounge bar by the beach.
It is a good thing that the next day we had kind of organized something. Well, we just went all together for lunch to one of our favorite places, Little V. It is a small Vietnamese restaurant in a pretty square at the beginning of China town in Den Haag. I loved  that at the end, when they saw we were celebrating, they gave Mark and me a special coconut drink inside a coconut for us to share.
 The next days were spent visiting around with our family, that had stayed for a few days longer, meeting for lunch or coffee here and there, because it is impossible for everyone to want to see the same places at the same time. Coordinating and explaining the touristic and interesting spots to see was a fun task. Oh yes, this is how tired we looked the day after.
 *Photos by our friends Kamala and Celia. 


  1. How cool that your dad even got to meet his university friends! Your wedding day really does sound magical :)

  2. Yup, it was quite exciting, because they were also present at my parents wedding, which was really a simple affair, they went to city hall, then to the supermarket and then had a picnic in a park or something, must have been 15 people in all.

  3. Your parents wedding sounds like mine, except we were only 8 persons, and instead of a picnic, we went to a restaurant :)

  4. Your wedding day sounds like it was so fun and relaxed!

    This was totally impossible down here. Whether a wedding starts early in the morning or later in the afternoon, it is supposed to last till the end of the day. No one expects to eat anything after it. Then again, no wedding lunch ends before 6 pm... no way. You can see how boring this can get? That's one of the reasons we wanted our celebration to start in the end of the afternoon.

  5. @ Ines, Thanks, it was relaxed and it was fun. And I know what you are talking about, weddings in Mexico no matter when they start last all day long, if necessary they give you a break in between. But we really wanted to have a day party, we wanted to take advantage of the light. And well, extending the whole reception longer would have duplicated $$$ and complicated the whole thing, so we went for a short-ish party and then just focused on spending time with the family and friends that came from afar :)


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