Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sparkles of color

are everywhere I look. Last week, the lovely Marcela from Diario de una Trotamundos*  posted this picture of an  ad for a button shop in Cyprus.

Photo by Marcela from here

As soon as I saw that button-covered-wall memories came back. I remembered that once upon a time,  sometime between 2002 and 2003, I had a black jumper-dress that was my own version of a little black dress. And I never really knew how to wear it. For a LBD it was a lot more cute than it was sexy, but that's how I am. I always thought black is for funerals. Sure, I have seen stylish people pull it off and even look happy while doing so. But it's not made for me. It always saddens me. Even the boy says it. I've tried the Audrey Hepburn-ish look, but no, no. It is just someone else. Well, back then I was visiting a friend in Grenoble who was doing an exchange program and somehow we came up with the best idea ever. We would make sad little black jumper happy with lots of colorful, mismatched buttons in all sizes. And this weekend I decided to take it out to see the world again. It had never been in Amsterdam.

Then, yesterday I was over at Mudfooted and I could not stop smiling. Dr. Babu,an indian scientist, and his wife observed  that ants are transparent and that their bellies turn the color of their food. Then he ran some more experiments and he discovered that they might be attracted to different colours or flavours and took this magic crazy pictures.  You can read the full story in the Daily Mail here

Both photos above via Mudfooted

Isn't it just magic? I want a rainbow belly too.
*By the way if you are planning to travel anywhere you should go and read her. She is full of great travel advice.


  1. I love your dress!!!!!! It looks so adorable and creative!
    I love black, it makes me feel...powerful. That's why it's the colour I chose for suits when going for an interview.
    The pictures of the ants with colourful bellies are amazing, I love them!

  2. Interesantisimo lo de las hormiguitas, Amanda!
    Uuuuuy, yo hubiera tenido un monton de ideas para alegrar tu vestidito negro, que a mi me gusta negro solito también, pero como mi mente siempre anda inventando, ya le hubiera echo yo unas florecitas tejidas en colores guapos! jejejejeje

  3. @ Marcela thaanks. And yeah those ants are quite imressive. My best friend in Bolivia also loves black, and it looks good, but it is hard. You have to accesorize very well .

    @ Ley, si, que curioso verdad ? Jaja flores tejidas, suena bien . Eso y mariposas.

  4. Adorable! Love what you did with the dress, love how you wore it... and those ants, wow!!! really looks like magic :)

  5. @ Ines thank you and yep magic crazy colorful ants :)

  6. the more I look at the ants, the more intrigued I am by them. . . . seriously?! Also love the dress (but I know you've been told that many times)

  7. @ Hanna, yes, those ants are incredible, you should really read the original story if you haven't already. Quite a creative experiment.
    And thank you :)


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