Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our first dance

 I have to start this post by telling you how clumsy I am. Once, during a salsa lesson, the professor (a cuban guy) directly told me that I was hopeless, that I had no sense of rythm whatsoever. So we knew this was gonna be a challenge, but the boy is quite a good dancer. Imagine, I had no idea that the boy is supposed to lead and that the girl is supposed to follow. What ? Really? I am so used to doing my thing, my uncoordinated-jumping-one-arm-shaking-in-the-air thing that I do to almost every song. It's my move. Since we didn't want to make complete fools out of ourselves, we thought we might as well practice a little. The first songs that we tried to were too slow and we didn't really know what to do. At the same time, we wanted a song that represented us a bit. And so the first song we tried was this one, because we thought this dancing scene was so cool:
 You all know Zoey Deschanel right? The girl from 500 days of Summer? Well turns out she also sings, and I love love love her songs. That 60's sound of it, the funny, quirky, sweet lyrics. Her band is called She & Him, for those who are curious. And when we found this song, we knew it was it. More like when we danced to it we felt the rythm was right, that it was kind of fast but not so much and it just clicked. Well not spontaneously, of course. The boy had to guide me, to tap the rythm to me so I would get it. To explain that I shouldn't just turn, that I should turn while still following the beat of the music. But that was pretty much it. And I really love the happy tune and words of the song.

Oh and if you are in search for ideas, you know what's cool and still not overly done? A flashmob. No really. I want to organize one for someone now !

* Photos and video by our family friend Ankie, special thanks. 


  1. You two look so cute, dancing and laughing together :)
    I love, love, love 500 days of summer, and Zoey Deschanel too. I didn't know she had a band, I'll go check it out now!
    Flash mobs, I love them and I would also like to organize something for a friend...I would have to do it via youtube because all my friends are so far away, though...
    This is my favourite flash mob EVER: http://www.aisledash.com/2010/09/14/video-groom-father-of-the-bride-to-life-lin-manuel-miranda/

  2. @ Marcela thank you.
    You should listen to her band and let me know what you think. And wow that flashmob, so much rehearsing. But yes, via youtube is the way to go.

  3. I love She&Him! This is going to sound really original... you two look so cute!! See?

  4. I must add, I had to really control myself not to fall of my chair laughing with those inicial 6 lines. I am at work, you know?

  5. @Ines, you were at work at 10 pm ? Wow girl ! And yeah , She & Him are great. And thanks :)

  6. :) I work till late so that I can have fridays at home, but actually not that late, it's less an hour here, so 9 pm ;)

  7. Oh, let me add, that song was in my list for our wedding playlist, but then it turns out Francisco doesn't like that oldies sonority that much... it was too new for his hears, but I'm patiente.

  8. @ Ines hahaha I love how you are training him. I am also convincing Mark on the advantages of a Kitchen Aid by baking like crazy and by making promises of homemade macarons, and profiteroles, haha. Of course first we would have to save like crazy, but a girl can dream. And sharing music is a great thing, I was not particuarly into hip hop and drum n bass ( I was always more into grunge, alternative rock and otherwise poppy sticky bad songs that I am ashamed to name) but the boy loves it and I have come to appreciate it. It's like continual learning.

  9. Acabo de terminar de ver 500 days of summer, no la habíamos visto, ¡¡¡me encantó!!!! Y me acordé que hace mucho, cuando casi había comenzando a leerte había un post sobre algo de ella y aquí está. En fin Abrazos.

    1. Gracias ! Es buena le película no? Muy real y divertida... aunque la chica a veces también me daba rabia creo que a todos nos ha pasado eso de enamorarse perdidamente cuando no es prudente...


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