Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's hard to model.

 Oh yes. I wonder if it is also hard for other people. For those with the coolest pictures ever. And yeah, I am talking about the wedding pictures. I am very happy with the end result, but boy, was it awkward. I guess that is the advantage of the so-called engagement sessions. You get to "practice", to be more comfortable with the camera and with your photographer. I remember being there and feeling stupid the whole time (boy had the same). Should we laugh? Should we look serious? Yes, yes it is all about being "ourselves" and forgetting that the camera is there but when the photographer is looking for a certain shot, well he tells you where to stand and what to do and that just kind of kills the moment. We did manage to get some of those trendy shots. We love graffittis and we are always taking pictures in front of them, whenever we have a chance.

 So when we discovered an abandoned graffitied school we wanted to take some pics there. We actually wanted to have the reception there, but we asked the city and it was not allowed because of fire regulations.

We also had some of those "classic" shots taken, just in case.

But in the end, my favorite pictures are the ones that were taken "spontaneously" when we weren't even trying. When we really did manage to forget this was a photoshoot.

This one for instance is the one we chose to frame and put over our bed, it looks very romantic and all, but acually I was looking at the dogs. I was like: "oh Terranovas. Ar those Newfoundandlers ? Ohhh are they gonna jump in the lake now?"

* All photos, except the first one, by Fotoflex


  1. La fotografa Jasmine Star dice que las mejores fotos son las que se toman justo antes o justo despues de darle indicaciones a los novios, porque mientras caminan o se mueven para cumplir con las indicaciones del fotografo, surgen miradas, sonrisas y complicidades que es lo que hace una foto memorable. Te dejo su web por si no la conocias

  2. I really see what you mean, that sort of photo session we did, even though it was just the two of us, teached us so much about looking at the camera and trying (hardly) to look natural.

    That photo with you looking at the dogs, I mean cof cof Mark, really is cute, great choice! I think my favorite is the one you're walking down the street. You look so sweet... With a few touches it as potential to look like one of those fancy (expensive) photo shoots. Maybe I'll do something for you one of these days ;)

  3. @ Marcela, griacias por el link, y si, fue exactamente así. Aunque las últimas fueron cuando ya había terminado todo y ibamos de regreso.

    @ Ines Yeah, it is all about being comfortamble and knowing how to do. Also, smiling helps, you just keep smiling and everyone looks better. Oh :) that would be nice, I have been wanting to ask you for editing tips for a while... how to make the borders round on the pictures and mosaics... playing with the light...

  4. Hola!

    Acabo de ver el comentario sobre el aguacate jaja, totalmente no?

    Las fotos de tu boda en los graffittis me encantaron son súper lindas y más que nada originales. No soy fan de las bodas la verdad, conflictos tontos míos, pero tu vestido como vintage está genial.

  5. @ Zarawitta, si el aguacate de verdad se merece un homenaje o algo, aqui los que se consiguen nunca maduran igual, no es el mismo sabor.

    Y Gracias por lo de las fotos, la verdad es que nos encantan los grafitis, y si, buscaba un vestido digamos fuera de lo comun. Si te paseas por aqui en los archivos, veras que no escribo solo de bodas eh, solo este mes jaja que cumplimos 1 año y tenia como ganas de escribir del tema.... pero de hecho ya el lunes volvemos a la normalidad.


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