Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let them eat cake

 I am not so much into following each and every tradition society dictates upon us, but I have to recognize a part of me is quite superstitious. And I do love to learn the history behind the things we do:

                       "A wedding cake  developed as one of the many fertility traditions surrounding a wedding. Ancient Romans believed that wheat and barley were symbols of fertility and so, wedding cakes included one or both of these ingredients. Incidentally, wheat was among the earliest grains (predating rice) to be ceremoniously showered on the bride and groom. Somewhere around 100 B.C.E., Roman bakers began creating small, sweet cakes with it.  As a further symbol of fertility, the couple was required to eat some of the crumbs, a custom known as "confarreato," translated into "eating together." (From here)
             "Saving a part of your wedding cake to eat on your 1 year anniversary is an age old tradition. The tradition originated from the belief that by the time of a couples first wedding anniversary there would be a baby and the couple could serve their wedding cake at the babies christening." (From here)
 Anyway it is not like we deliberately planned to freeze our cake, but as it turned out, we had some cake leftover, and we thought, why not? We will eat it next year, on our anniversary. And so we did. I have to say, our cake was so delicious. It was covered in marzipan and filled with "chipolata" a dutch (?) dessert.
 We had our closest family over, I made guacamole, muffins and mexican lemonade. Later, we went for dinner at the restaurant where our reception was held. As we entered, it all came back to me. The joy, the memories, the feeling of being part of something so much bigger than us. I did not expect to feel the emotions overwhelm me in such a way. I didn't cry, but I did feel a furry thing inside my stomach. 
P.S.  sorry for such a long and picture loaded post. I really wanted to share this with you my dear readers. 
And thanks to Isis, our sister in law, for taking those pictures on our wedding day. Also, this week or so I will be writing wedding recaps, I hope you will put up with it and it will not bore you. Otherwise, you are welcome to come back in a week or so.


  1. Fijate! No sabía de esa tradición... que si la torta, que si el arroz, el azul, lo prestado... si alguna vez me toca pasar por eso, tendré que leerme algún manual antes, porque sólo sé que no sé nada! jejejejejeje

  2. What? Be bored? No way! :)
    Well, as for us, we couldn't eat our one year after cake because there was nothing left to freeze! Oh, but we had frozen grilled pork leftovers... does it count??
    I'm also preparing a few posts about our wedding (remember the drafts thing?) but I won't be done in a week... Maybe I'll start with the cake to link up with you.
    Oh, I already told you I think your wedding dress is beautiful, but now I have to say, that birthday dress is beyond cute!

  3. Bored??? No, my dear, I'm a hopeless romantic, keep these posts coming! :D
    Nosotros no cumplimos ninguna tradicion, solo la de "algo nuevo, algo viejo, algo prestado y algo azul"Torta de bodas no tuvimos, pero qué linda se ve la tuya y qué hermoso recuerdo haber guardado un pedazo para festejar el primer aniversario. Ahora estoy intrigada de probar chipola!
    Nosotros queremos volver a Firenze en nuestro 10mo aniversario...ojalá nos de el presupuesto, nos quedan 4 años para ahorrar! ;)

  4. @Ley, jaja yo tampoco sabia nada, de hecho hasta Holanda escuche esa tradicion y ya luego lo lei en revistas y por ahi. Pero al final las tradiciones, las escoges tu aunque lo de que no supiera nada del vestido el novio yo me lo tome muy en serio, creo que es medio latino lo de ser tan supersticiosa. Por si acaso.

    @ Ines, oh I am glad. Of course your grilled pork counts, it is about bringing back the day. And thank you. The dress I am wearing is actually the dress in which we got legally married (because it was difficult to get a date we ended up doing it a few months before, in May).

    @ Marcela, super, me alegro. Y gracias, ya me tenias ahi insistiendo que pusieran flores que NO fueran rosas (las odio, creo que es influencia de mi mama que desde que era chiquita tambien las odiaa). Y si, me encanto la idea de guardar pastel. Se conservo perfectamente bien, estaba esponjosito y como nuevo. Cuando vengas ya sabemos que pastel vas a probar jeje ! Y si, seria genial que pudieran ir a Florencia... al menos desde Europa si uno planea con un poco de anticipacion puede encontrar ofertas,

  5. A mi tampoco me gustan las rosas...salvo quizas las blancas pero la verdad que no gastaria plata en comprarlas. Mi preferida es la magnolia, y despues me gustan las gardenias, las hydrangeas, los tulipanes, las violetas, las margaritas, las fresias, los jazmines, las orquideas...tantas! Y acá casi no se consiguen flores frescas :(

  6. @ Marcela, si, las unicas rosas pasables son las chiquitas, salvajes, que crecen en arbustos despeinados. Y tienes razón, las magnolias en primavera son preciosas. Y todas esas flores que mencionas. A mi me gustan los tulipanes, las dahlias, los ranunculos , las peonias...

  7. We're about to celebrate our one year anniversary although we'll be doing it a month early because we'll be in Angola by the time the actual date comes around and we can't guarantee we'll find somewhere special. We were going to have dinner at the restaurant where we held our reception, but walked past it a month ago to discover it had closed down. At least our marriage has one up on the restaurant, hey?!

    1. Oh I hope you find a place to make your anniversary special, maybe you can use it as an excuse to try out a new place, somewhere you have been meaning to go? This dates are always special, somehow the feelings always come back. We are having our civil-wedding anniversary this month (our civil and religious ceremony were on different months) and we are trying to decide where we will go!

  8. Also, thanks for coming by and leaving such great comments on my posts. It seems we have a lot in common!

    1. It sure does! I will be reading you along!


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