Friday, September 30, 2011

La Vuelta al Mundo: Gente de espaldas

This month for La vuelta al mundo the fun and versatile Jackie asked us to take photos of people from the back. This is my contribution. It was fun and hard at the same time, specially when trying to "steal" pictures from strangers. I have to recognize, though, that some of this pics are from our archives, and to give credit where is due, some of the pics were obviously taken by the boy (we always kind of do the assignments together). Did you do it? Hope you had fun with the challenge.


  1. Me encanta la foto de las niñas abrazadas. Es muy dulce!

  2. Me encantan las dos primeras fotos!! La luz es maravillosa!! Gracias por compartirlas.

  3. Son todas muy bonitas, pero me encantan las dos primeras, esa playa, y esa luz!

  4. Que bonita la de la parejita con la puesta de sol, las palmeras... Súper romántica :) Un saludo!

  5. Me encanta la penúltima

  6. It's never occurred to me to take photos of people from the back -- a neat idea I will have to try sometime.
    Thank you so much for your super-lovely comment! Funny how similar our experiences are :) I would LOVE to do a little real mail exchange with you -- thank you for the offer! My email is liliegreene at gmail dot com. Can you send me a little note so I can email you my postal address? Looking forward to it!!

  7. @ Nat, si ver a esas niñas fue super lindo.

    @ Beatriz y Abril, la luz fue mágica ese Domingo, también una sorpresa. Empezamos a hacer fotos y click click, vimos que era ese momento del día en que todo se vuelve tenue...

    @ Annunk, gracias, la hicimos en nuestra luna de miel, recargamos la camara en una montañita de arena, y listo, el disparador automático hizo el resto.

    @ atropellaplatos, gracias.... tengo la costumbre de caminar hacia el mar siempre que lo veo, tengo que tocar el agua. Por eso mismo una vez acabe hasta la cintura empapada en un canal en Venecia... pero al menos me queda la historia jaja.

    @ Lilie, you should try the challenges that Jackie Rueda suggests every month, this time it will be bikes and we are in luck, cause this is bike-country. It really makes you open your eyes, be there for the moment.
    And yeah, as I was reading your post I was nodding the whole time, and I was like wow, unbelievable. I will send you an email :) Love love love the post.

  8. La de las niñas es súper tierna!!!

  9. The first two really have amazing colors! What is that place where the two men are going down the stairs? Looks beautiful.

  10. @ Angie, si en cuanto vi a las niñas, fue de rápido, la cámara, me recordo una postal.

    @ Ines, yeah we were so lucky with the light at that moment, it was also a surprise. The men going down the stairs are Mark and my dad. The place is the "Island of Janitzio" in Michoacan, Mexico. You can read more about it here:
    and here in spanish:


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