Friday, August 19, 2011

A year ago

we were on vacation. We had a week off and took the car. We went to Brugge, Dunquerque, Wimereux, Boulogne sur mer, Amiens, Arras, Valenciennes and then back home.
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This year the boy has a project that does not end and we don't know when we will be able to go anywhere. Of course, at the beginning of the summer we were for 4 days in Italy, so I am not exactly complaining. Just longing for some travel. We were hoping for a bit more. Oh well... maybe we will figure something out. There are places in Holland that we haven't visited. I want to take a boat and go to England, but apparently the trip is not 2 hours, it's more like 6. Today we are going to the airport. Have I told you yet how much I love airports? After all that's where the boy and I met. Well, we met in the airplane, but the airplane was still on land when we started talking, so literally it was still in the airport. (Today we are just going to drop off the boy's dad, who is going back home). Have you been able to go somewhere this summer? I really feel the urge to leave and walk in an unfamiliar place. To discover.


  1. I want to read your love story-with details!:)
    I also love airports and flying. I still feel like a little girl when I get into a plane (I am going to fly!!!), when the plane takes off I feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach.
    We were in Spain for 10 days last June, it had been a year since our last trip. Now we have very busy 2 months ahead, and after that, Argentina! I haven't been there in 4 years so I'm really looking forward to it. I won't be discovering new places, but I'll be rediscovering my home-town through the eyes of my kids. I can't wait.

  2. Tambien amo los aeropuertos! Y las estaciones de trenes y buses que te llevan a algun sitio diferente del que ves a diario!!! Supongo que debe ser por el deseo constante te querer viajar! Espero que puedas ir a algun sitio diferente pronto, Amanda, aunque sea un fin de semana que te haga descubrir y pisar nuevo suelo!

  3. @ Marcela, I guess I will write about it sometime :) but, in summary we met during the flight, talked all the way, exchanged emails, wrote to each other for about a year (not very often) and after that we knew it was time to see each other again... and we were together since then. I also get the butterflies when flying. Taking off is my favorite part. I think you will enjoy Argentina a lot !

    @ Nati, si , las estacioes de trenes tienen una energia especial, tantos saludos y despedidas. Y si, a ver si descubrimos algun lugar distinto pronto, aunque sea cerca, siempre hay algo por ahi. Muchos saludos.

  4. Hello Amanda, I'm the "anonymous" who begged you to post about your Holland wedding venue on A Practical Wedding. :) I found you here and have really enjoyed reading your posts! We should definitely talk more, as we share stories of serendipitously falling in love with Dutchmen. Email me if you want! katharine1685 (at) gmail.

  5. @ Hello Katharine, so glad that you came here ad liked it :) We definitely have to talk ! I contacted you by email already ;)

  6. I second Marcela, "I want to read your love story-with details!" Yes! :)
    Oh, Brugge is so beautiful... We want to go there one day. It's part of one of our road trips (more train/bus trips).

    We've been to Spain last month and already I "feel the urge to leave and walk in an unfamiliar place", like you say so well. I love the place I live, and here is where I feel I have a piece of me, this is the place we chose to settle in, but I'm not that attached to it. I just kind of feel that I don't belong in one place, I always feel more alive when I'm somewhere else, and I never had that so-good-to-be-home feeling after a trip. I always wanted to go abroad and experience living among a different culture. Maybe it will still happen someday, we still talk about it, who knows?

  7. @ Ines, yeah, story will come, in a while, I want to write it on a special date :)
    And yes, travelling is quite something, though in some ways I am slowly beginning to feel settled.
    And you are still young, of course you still have the chance to live abroad and discover new things.
    And Brugge is really pretty, but we had a windy and rainy day. As in we were completely soaked. (Not that we cared, we weren't about to miss out on walking the little streets).

  8. I meant to say "planned road trips" but I think you got the point. :)

    Well, by now we are quite used to the rainy thing. On our honeymoon we spent a day in Dubrovnik (in August!), and it rained so much we had to buy this waterproof plastic capes to be able to continue the visit!


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