Monday, August 29, 2011

The Ice-Cream World Tour: Geneva

This is a place where I have a lot of memories from my time in Switzerland. Café Glacier Remor is not only an ice-cream shop, but an artsy café (where they sometimes project movies) and my best friend, who studied history and I would often go and sit and talk about boys and books and the world for hours. It is located at walking distance from the main historic university buildings, that are in a beautiful park (Parc des Bastions, totally worth visiting).
 It was founded by an italian family in 1921, who to this day continue to run the place. They are always experimenting with new flavours, but my favorite is cinammon. If you are hungry, they have salads and other lunch options. It is a place with old school charm. I couldn't resist quoting this, from the history of the café-glacier in their website:
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"Le glacier une nouveauté pour les dames des années 20. Enfin un lieu ou une dame seule et libérée pouvait s’y rendre avec ses amies sans subir l’atmosphère trop masculine, bruyante et avinée du café du coin." (Ice cream shops were a novelty for ladies from the 20's. Finally a place where a liberated woman could go with her friends without the masculine, noisy atmosphere of the regular coffee shops)

Their addres is Place du Cirque 1. You can easily get there from the railway station with tramway 13 (lime green), or bus line 1 (purple) to the stop "Cirque" or you can walk from the "Place Neuve". Also, it is open from 7h00 to 24h00 from Monday to Sunday, so if you crave ice-cream just before midnight, you can still get it !


  1. Really looks like a charming place. That picture of you it's so fun! You really look like you're in a happy place, oh well, you're with an ice cream in your hands!

  2. I WANT YOUR LIFE. That is all. :)

  3. @ Ines, it is a super cool place ! And it was happy times, but ice cream fixes everything haha.

    @ Lauren, you are invited anytime ! And you are an inspiration and hey, you live in California !


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