Monday, August 22, 2011


old clothes is important. But it can also be fun. And help people at the same time. Lately, there has been some talk about decluttering and closet culling and about learning to leave with less, for example by Kirsty, Sharon and Cara, in these posts here, here and here. When I first read about project 333  over at Peonies and Polaroids I thought it was a great idea, and knew that I had to do something like that (though I am not quite sure I can live with only 33 pieces of clothing, I think the point is to actively try to live with less for a better planet.) Except I own a lot of summery dresses that I don't exactly want to get rid of. They are in good shape. I love them. I just don't get to wear them so often. Maybe I will take them to my sister in Mexico next time I go. But that's another subject.

Anyway, about a week ago I found out that H&M was going to host this quite smart campaign to promote recycling of textiles. From the 17 to the 25 of August you can bring clothes that you don't wear anymore (clean and in good condition) to their pop-up shop at Scheveningen, the beach in Den Haag, and all the clothes collected will be delivered to KICI, an organisation that specializes in recycling textiles. All the profit obtained will then be donated to Giro 555 a charity helps all kinds of different causes (hunger in Africa, natural disaster victims, among others). But that's not all. The clothes you bring are then weighed and you get a proportional discount at H&M. And yeah, I know, you should "do good" because of it, not beacuse you are going to get some discount, but I think it is great that a big company like this is promoting recycling and helping different charities.

So off we went. We wanted to go the beach anyway.  We ended up filling three bags that weighed a total of 18 kg. If you are in The Netherlands, you can still go, until next Thursday. The pop-up shop is in the "Zwarte Pad", in Scheveningen, by the Barefoot Beach bar and they are open from 10h to 20h.


  1. Jus a quick comment to say hi! Haven't had time to read your latest post, but I will. :) have a nice week!

  2. Cool! I do a closet clean up every 6 months, I hate clutter. If I haven't used something for 2 years, I give it away or try to sell it or whatever. We have clothes banks here in Cyprus and if I can't find our clothes a better home, I take them there.
    I also buy very little...I am far more tempted by books, craft or baking supplies than by clothes ;)

  3. @ Ines, Hi :) And I hope you have a nice week too!

    @ Marcela, yes, we normally use the clothe banks. (Well it is like a big container). And while I was going through boxes you would be surprised (or not) at the quantity of books / notes / scraps that I keep. But I do believe in the "circulation" of books, that is, if I read something that I really like I usually pass it on to someone else (except for some books that I get emotionally attached to and I want to keep). I like the idea of bookcrossing, but with the whole registering system I thought it was too complicated.
    As for baking supplies, yeah me too. The newest thing on my wishlist (in my mind) is an ice cream maker.


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