Monday, August 15, 2011

The weekend

is the best time because we get to do the fun stuff. Books and tea are among my favorite things and when you can have them together at a bookshop with a café then I feel very close to heaven.
Perfectly creamy chai tea latte
I want to keep up my french so I got "L'elegance de l'herisson" (The elegance of the hedgehog) by Muriel Barbary, it is supposed to be good. And also a cooking book for stews and the like. We just got a dutch oven as a delayed wedding gift (I have been wanting one since forever) and now I want to make the most of it. So far the only recipe I know is Ratatouille. We had friends over on Friday, and I enjoy cooking for people.
Then, later, we went for a walk in our neighborhood and we discovered a new park and Snow White's well. Love to be surrounded by so much green. And we were blessed with a rare sunny day, I even got to wear a dress. Dresses make me happy.

Yes, I am in fact a 5-year-old
And you, what were you up to this weekend? 


  1. We enjoyed the visit of my former boss and her family (she now lives in The Hague), I baked a cake for her youngest son's 20th birthday (chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, dulce de leche, 4 layers), we went to the beach, Zoe loved the sea, Luka freaked out and wanted to go back to
    the safety of his stroller ;)
    I love the Snow White's well! I would have done the same thing as you :)
    And dresses make me happy too. It's good that they can be worn in winter too, with leggings or under them!

  2. your weekend sounds lovely! Chai lattes are one of my favourite things. . . and Im glad Im not the only one who wears a dress and feels instantly happy! . . (my weekend was spent in the hospital ) so I'm glad you had a good one!

  3. @ Marcela, that sounds like a fun weekend ! It is funny and amazing how children come with their own personalities since very little :) And I want some of that cake, I am drooling while I imagine it.

    @ Hanna, thanks. I hope that you recover soon :) And you should definitely have some nice conforting tea.

    And yay dresses :) I can't get enough of them. I still have to really learn how to layer them in a cute way for the cold tendencies of this country :p

  4. Hi Amanda! a bit late, but here I am! :)
    How sweet to be able to share your happy moments... I find myself looking at the computer with a smile!
    Yes, girls will be girls, and a dress is a dress, nothing like it! Yesterday I was packing for our vacation on the Algarve (we're only leaving on thursday, but since I'm away from home to work till there, as you know, that had to be done in advance) and I caught myself putting in more dresses then I can wear in 5 days, or should I say 10?? That's how confident I am in having good weather!

    Is that a Le Creuset you got? Oh my... I've been flirting with one in a shop window for a long time! We still have a coupon to spend from our wedding gifts and I'm gently persuading the husband to get one of those ;)

  5. Oh, and here's about the weekend! :) Even though the weather forecast said it would be colder and rainny, and it was in fact from saturday till sunday lunch, it all changed and we had two beach afternoons like I've been wanting for like two months! Just the two of us, the sun, the cold water... no rush, just relax! Oh, and we baked a delicious chocolate cake I'll be posting soon.

    1 - love the picture over the well
    2 - love your new poppies field

  6. @ Ines, thanks ! And yes, it is like the summer finally arrived, still today it is sunny, blue sky, nice weather. I hope you will have that weather too in Algarve. And yes to packing more dresses than you need, I do it all the time.

    Yup, it is a Le Creuset... I was hesitating but I talked to an aunt of mine, and they do really last for life. Also, they are glory to cook on, used it on Friday for the first time, and it just went so smoothly, you know when you are frying onions/garlic and you want them transparent, but at some point they tend to burn. Well here, it did not happen, just perfect cooking. We got it also from a spare coupon that we still had.

    I am glad about your weekend at the beach, it sounds (and looks, from your pics) like so fun, and refreshing. Oh and chocolate cake :)

    I am also happy with the poppy field, hope it is not too "strong" a visual effect, I finally figured out how to do so.


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