Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Ice-Cream World Tour: Nice

From Fenocchio's website

Oh la France! Don't you miss it? I so wish I was there right now, walking in a little town with old streets, wearing a girly dress and running around parks and then maybe going to the beach. Imagine that life was like that Dior commercial from Sofia Coppola, the first one.

So this time, I am bringing you to a very very famous ice-cream shop in Nice. Yes we are talking about Fenocchio. A family run ice cream shop that has all kinds of unusual flavors like basil, but also the classic, and there is Ferrero Rocher ice cream, Chocolate Orange, Lemon (yes made with real lemon, not artificial flavored syrup). I was there some years ago with friends on a 3 day trip that we planned just like that and I remember going there 3 or 4 times because we wanted to keep on trying new flavours. It is located in the main square in the old town. Somewhere near there is also a homemade cookie shop but I digress. Their Ice cream is delicious. And a bonus tip, for the kids, they have all kinds of candy flavored ice cream. You should really put this one on your list. If it's really crowded, stay. Make that line. It is totally worth it. I did not make these photos, because my old albums are in Mexico, but here are some that I found so you will be able to recognize the place.

 The address is : 2 place Rossetti, in the old center of Nice.But just go to the main square, and you won't miss it. You can even ask around. People will know.

*This posts are based on my own personal experience and love for ice-cream, no one is sponsoring for writing this .


  1. Yes, I always miss France.
    I take note of the place for the future!

  2. Oh, Nice... I guess we spent there just a couple of hours, sadly. We were in between trains and only had time for a short walk and dinner.

  3. @ Marcela, yes you should do . I just found out the great David Lebovitz went and experimented with them, how cool.

    @ Ines you definitely have to go back, it is such a nice, small pretty place. And there are so many pretty little towns around that you will find something new to discover.

  4. I LOVE David Lebovitz'blog...I knew I had heard the name of that shop somewhere!

  5. Yes, he has some really interesting things to say, and so much to teach :)I am also a huge fan of Jamie Oliver.


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