Thursday, August 11, 2011

Remember clueless?

Well I feel like Alicia Silverstone's friend in that movie right now. The one that gets the full makeover. Of course I have a very personal style, but that means I love colors, patterns, flowers, and everything that's different. I have an interview today (out of my field) and according to everything I read I should wear something like this:
From here
Truth is, I don't own gray clothes. The sky here is already gray thank you very much. I also don't own the other options allowed, which are red* or navy blue or BLACK. Why would one want to dress so sad?  I do not own khaki pants. And the tailored clothes I do own are elegant party dresses. Way too shiny.I get it, it's about being serious, it's about a uniform, but color clothing doesn't make me less serious (though apparently, yes it does).
 *Actually I do own lots of red, but it is all casual dresses
And let's not start on the shoes, because all I own is, again, either this kind of shoe:
or boots, or flat Mary Janes, casual ballerinas and then again fancy party shoes. (you can see some at the end of this post). Way too sparkly, or with open toes, another faux-pas, as I learnt in all these constructive reading I've been up too. It's good that I already did all the preparing and practising with the boy this morning because it seems to me I have to shop for one thing or 2. How superficial. I thought the important part was to be me, to be professional.
Update: this is the oufit I actually wore:


  1. As a Lawyer, I am used to formal working attire.
    The important part of the interview is YOU and your skills, that's why it is recommended to wear simple clothes in neutral shades: so that the clothes don't distract the interviewer from your actual skills. The idea is that the employer should remember you, after the interview, as "the girl with the great CV/that knew so much about X"and not "The girl with the flowery shirt/the shiny skirt/the flashy dress". Of course, some industries are more formal than others, but in general a classic pair of trousers, a white shirt and medium heels are very useful to have in one's closet. Check Zara, if you have to buy something. They have periodic sales, and they generally have clothes that could fit what you need. Also, a great site to read when considering interview attire is corporette.
    Good luck!


  3. I have my fingers crossed for you!
    I am with Marcela, it's about you shining more than what you wear. But yes, its boring. I mean, really, do we have to wear things tha make us feel sad? People tend to take it to an extreme and just be gray all the way. Yes, you should look polished, and secure, and play it simple and safe, for the focal point should be you, rather than your clothes. But it is not meant for you to blend in with the street colors. A smart girl knows how to pull it out soft and clean, but still unique and bright (bright as in joyful, happy and confident, shining inside out - and not sparkling - if you know what I mean). Me, being that I do some work of style consulting, should not be saying this but... I'll never be able to understand a woman in a suit. But that's just me.
    (I guess by now you know I'm a bit weird... ain't we all?) :)

  4. p.s. love how you say "The sky here is already gray thank you very much" :D you got me smiling!

  5. There are suits and suits Inês! LOL
    I love suits, girly suits with an edge, not all women have to look like Madeline Albright ;)

  6. @ Marcela and Ines, thanks so much for the support and advice, now I get it, a bit more ! I think the interview went quite well, but I will keep you updated. I got black shoes (closed, mid heeled) for 18 EUR this morning, after realizing that all my shoes are open/wrecked/inappropriate. I ended up wearing a flower shirt kind of thing (oops), but Mark saw it and he thought it was subtle and elegant. Hope it will end up ok...

  7. Yay! I wish you the best luck and I sincerely hope you get the job!

  8. You looked very pretty!What would your job be?

  9. @ Marcela, thanks :) It would be dealing with guest reviews at, maybe you know the website, they do line hotel reservations worldwide.

  10. Yes, I know it, we checked it a couple of times but I don't know whether we actually booked with them. Good luck, I hope you get it if that's what you want! :)

  11. Well it's travel related, the company is nice (very young and international), of course if I really had the control or choice I would work as a vet, but it really feels like we tried all options possible to tiredness.

  12. You looked really pretty! Even though you wore a pattern shirt, it is soft and it doesn't outshine you.

    Oh, Marcela, you're right of course! Actually is not the shape, is the two matching pieces I don't get. :) well... never mind me!

    Amanda, we're wishing the best for you. We use booking a lot! Actually that's how we booked the hotel in A Coruna :) cool!

    Fingers crossed!

  13. Let me tell you a little about myself. Back in 2005 I was living in Argentina, looking for a job. I was exhausted and crushed, I had sent 62 CVs and not gotten a single interview. I didn't know what else to do, so I left.
    I went to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, where one of my best friends lived and got a job renting cars for Betaar/Europcar at the airport. After the months of agony, I was happy to have a steady income, a little bit of piece, to feel like I was DOING something. When I had the time, I was volunteering at the CEAR and that's how I met an Ivorian national requesting asylum. Doing research to analyse his request, I found a vacancy for a post in Ivory Coast. I applied in the spur of the moment on the evening of my 29th birthday. I left for Ivory Coast 2 1/2 months after that.
    I think that having the peace of mind of an income, and a quietly happy day to day life helped put me in a positive state that ended up attracting what I really wanted in my life.

    So...all this to say: I really hope you get this job, I know it will be a welcomed transition and that you dream vet job will follow soon after!

    Inês, what do you think about Ann Taylor suits and separates, for example?

  14. sorry, a little bit of PEACE LOL

  15. @ Ines, thanks again ;) and we also use booking all the time, it is very friendly and useful.

    @ Marcela, wow, you really are an inspiration, and it is great to read your experience and how far you've come. I think I also need the feeling of "doing" something, and I hope it will turn out as you say. I definitely need the peace of mind. And well I do love to travel, so in a way it's kind of a fun job.

    I will keep you girls updated ! But really, thanks so much for being there all along :)


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