Monday, August 8, 2011

Technology revolutions

I do realize that we are living a new era in which the way we communicate and interact is changing the World we live in, in many, many different ways. I've known  this for a while of course. I belong to a generation that wasn't born with the internet, so I saw it happen and develop. I remember, when it all started. I was 14 or something and at multimedia class we would send emails to each other, even if we were all sitting in the same classroom. And no, I am not what you would call a "techy", sure I've had email all along, but I started Facebook late, this blog last month, and Twitter is something I still don't get.
This weekend, was my best friend's wedding, in Mexico, and as hard as we tried, it was not possible for us to be there. And yes, I read all about how wedding's should be unplugged over at Offbeat Bride. I agree, to a certain point. But it was because of this magical devices that let you take pictures and videos and upload them directly that I was able to be present, live. That I was able to watch my best friend getting married, as it happened across the ocean.
Walking down the aisle, with her dad.
 And it was invaluable, and amazing and incredible. It felt like when people all over the world were watching this other wedding moment by moment. Except this time, I cared. (At least I cared a whole lot more than just about a dress). It is the same technology that out of nowhere leads you to meet great new people that I am sure will become friends. And I have to thank gmail chat for bringing me close to The Boy, after our first one time, 10-hour meeting. Our long talks and laughs was what made us decide to see each other and brought us where we are.

*Thanks to my dear brother in law, Carlo, who uploaded everything live so I could watch and be present at my best friends' wedding. And thanks to Tim Hopwood who shared this video.
**Congratulations Martha and Andy, if you ever read this. 


  1. :)
    Thank you.
    I also participated in a friend's wedding online. We got together on skype with friends who were in different parts of the world and couldn't attend and, those who could, uploaded pictures on facebook for us to see. With two other friends (one from Spain and one from a small city in Buenos Aires province) we made a video dressed in ball gowns as if we were there and edited them to look as if we were chatting with each other at the party, then sent it to the bride to watch on the wedding night. It was hilarious, and moving, and overall I just felt thankful that this technology exists.

  2. :)
    What a great idea !!And yeah, really, thanks to technology. When Skype came out my mom was the happiest, and still whenever we see each other online, she is like "ok, put the video conference":

  3. :) :) You're sweet, thank you girl!
    It was so fun reading this! I can imagine how exciting it must have been. I can relate to everything you said, because I think we must be close in age. We didn't grew in the world wide web, we saw it happen, and slowly take a part in our lives. I suppose it's easier for us to see both sides of it, the goods and the bads, and compromise in between.

  4. And, I may add, I must also thank the internet for bringing me and my boy together. :)
    Because, even though we've known each other since we can remember, being from different generations (when we are kids at school, 3 years can be a huge difference, especially if the girl is the older one) we never made a connection, never really talked. And it took us a joke at each other, over a social network, to start a talk that lasted for eight hours online ... and that was the start of it. Fun, uh?

  5. @ Ines and Marcela, you're welcome, was so happy to find you.
    And Ines, That is a great story, how you and your husband got together, and yeah fun, talking for hours. At some point (we later found out) we would "wait" for each other, cause at the beginning our meetings on gmail were "random".


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