Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It is in the small things

where happiness is hidden. In the "little"moments that we make for each other. Like, when on Sunday morning we decide to make breakfast special and actually eat on our dining table (instead of  in the kitchen or the couch).
 Or when go for a walk to the park. When we have a little chat with the kids of our neighbors that are at that talkative extroverted stage where they make up stories. They come to you and tell you how they took the train to visit their grandma and how they ate tons of candy. Even when their dad is there certifying that no, they didn't go by train, but by car.
And there is joy in going to the center to get a box of strawberries just to make this:


  1. es tan cierto!! Muchas veces nos perdemos de la felicidad buscando las grandes cosas, las grandes metas, los grandes sueños y no nos damos cuenta que las cositas pequeñas son las que mas llenan el alma! Estas frutillas se ven de maravilla!!!! :)

  2. Si, es verdad, y con el ajetreo de la vida diaria y las presiones que nos ponemos, es fácil perderse de vista. Yo estoy en un momento en que estoy tratando de forzarme a relajarme más, a ser menos ansiosa, a pararle al kilometraje. Y aunque eso de las cosas pequeñas suena super "cliche" y super repetido, es verdad.
    Luego pongo la receta del postre de frutillas, es un clafoutis, y, si estaban deliciosas, super dulces, hay que esperar estas fechas para que no esten acidas :)

  3. you must have a soul stripped to be able to appreciate the small things. When you do that, it's just magnificent.

    Yes, it looks like a cliché, but how many people are bitter and unhappy? Mostly because they can't let go of the big things they can't conquer, or they're overwhelmed by all the pressure life puts in our shoulders. Finding joy in the small things is a fresh breeze in our lives. And lot's of small simple things, makes a big one. A big, full happy life!

  4. @ Ines, you are so right :) What you say also made me think of this phrase (it is in catalan but I think you will understand: "Molta gente petita en molts llocs petits fara petites coses que transformaren el mon". ) Not exactly the same idea, but more of less.

    @ Marcela ;)

  5. That's a beautiful saying :)
    small things can change our mood, our life, and for sure can change the world!


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