Thursday, August 25, 2011

A sunny day

transforms the country. If you look at the sky on a random day, I would say you have at least 65% chances of it being gray. Yes, I just made up that number, but it illustrates the point. Oh but when the sun does come out it feels like there is a party. Terraces in bars burst open like flowers on those first days of spring, everyone is outside, the sky is blue. And the contrast with so much green around makes it perfect. We had a few of those days in a row. So we went to get the  bikes at my father in laws' house and came biking, about 16 km. It was like being inside a postcard image of Holland. Complete with windmills and cows and horses in the fields. Too bad the tulips were missing, because it is not the season anymore.
Then, later that day we went to the beach. There were fireworks. And those were coming from a boat. Unfortunately we could not capture any images with our little camera. You should have seen how crowded it was. As much as we had a nice time, I have to say the latin blood in me thinks it is a bit strange. I went and touched the water of the North Sea for the first time. And it was freezing. That didn't stop children from playing with the super cold water. I guess I am just spoiled/blessed having grown up being able to go on vacation to the mexican pacific that was just (a few long) hours away by car.  And I am not even talking about the turquoise transparent waters of the caribbean.
I do love how they use poles with cartoons as signals on the beach. It is sooo long that it would be easy to get lost. That way you can just say, I'll be by the strawberry or the train.


  1. Como dice mi vecina, "es una imagen idílica"!
    Tal cual, te sientes parte de una postal.
    Que cortito el video... quería ver más! jejejeje... A mi se me ocurrió también hacer unos videitos de todos los distintos lugares por los que pasábamos cuando hacíamos nuestra ruta de domingo. Los hice, pero parece que eran una resolución tan grande, y en HD, que nunca los pude ver! Ya pues, mejor con fotitos no más! jejejeje

  2. Lo que pasa es que el video fue un accidente inesperado. Lo que queriamos era una foto de los dos, pero el botoncito estaba en posicion de grabar.

  3. That's a perfect sunset! Well, who am I kidding, that's a whole perfect day! Whenever you feel the need for warmer sea waters (or should I say less cold...) just head south, we'll be glad to have you both here.

  4. @ Ines, oh thank you so much. You guys are also invited to come over whenever you want to come up north. We will have tea and cake and we'll show you around :)


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