Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A bird dress

I hope you were not expecting deep thoughts, because today I am planning to be silly. The boy was watching some kind of rapping video with Taylor Swift, and then I saw. She was dressed like me,  haha. Or more like, I have the same dress. It was so funny, mostly beacause I want her hair... I didn't think of myself as being fashionable or a trendsetter. When I chose the dress, I thought I would look like a grandma, but I didn't care, it was different and cute.

Here is the video, if you have nothing to do are curious :

Oh and while I was researching the net for writing this, I found out that Rachel's character in Glee wore it as well. But I find her character so extremely annoying. 



  1. You are a trend setter! lol
    It's a very pretty dress, very romantic :)

  2. That is such a lovely dress! :)
    You can just do like Taylor Swift and wear black tights underneath.
    And then add a pair of shoes (hers are fab! oh, you have your new black ones! ;) ) with a slim jacket (or a boyfriend jacket, if you're feeling trendy). Or put those boots you have with a cardigan or maybe a girly leather jacket, depending on how polished or casual you want to look.

  3. @ Ines, wow that's a lot of cool ideas ! Will try some :) And yes I like Taylor's shoes, kind of.


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