Thursday, December 1, 2011

Park exploring

 This weekend we found a new park. It is more like a forest. We always passed it with the car and wondered what the place was. Turns out it was part of the city hall of Wassenaar, "Huize de Pauw". This lovely building was constructed in 1556 by Cornelis Arenstsz van der Dussen . At one point it was owned by Prince Frederik of The Netherlands (1797-1881) until it was finally bought by the city.
 I am telling you, it is full of magic. With the statues, gardens, lions and lamp-posts it made me think of something out of The Chronicles of Narnia. Way before the books were made into movies I was fan of the stories, actually read all 7 books. Just take a look come with us.
Some pictures of the place, as it used to be:
*Last two pictures were taken from here.


  1. What a lovely place! The first picture is truly magical...that path! those trees!that light!

  2. Your husband is so cute I can't even handle it.

  3. @ Marcela... yeah, we were like wooow ! Want to live here.

    @ Lauren :) I know ;p and thanks, and you made him smile .


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