Wednesday, November 30, 2011

La vuelta al mundo: Diptychs

It is that time of the month. When all over the World people on the photographic challenge started by Jackie Rueda show their photos for the group "La vuelta al Mundo". This time, for us, it was indeed a true challenge because we had to make diptychs and we had no idea how. Good for me the boy likes to learn and is into photo editing, so I take the pictures and he does the backstage work. Be sure to check the group's pool in Flickr, because there are some awesome, crazy-talented photographers out there.You should also go back to Casi en Serio where Jackie will link to everyone participating in this worldwide photographic chain.  And because you can't wait anymore here is what we came up with (click on the images to enlarge):

This final one was not uploaded to the group because we are not the authors of the photographs, however consider it a bonus track. It is my mom, in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) circa 2009 and my mother in law in Surinam, circa 1981. Funny huh?


  1. How lovely are those little ducks? Looks like a beautiful place. Your photos are getting better every time! All work is paying of :)

    Oh, but that last one is priceless!

  2. @Ines thank you :) Those little ducks were so fluffy and cute I wanted to keep them .
    And yeah, when I found the one of my mom a few days ago while looking through albums, I was like, wait, look , it is basically the "same" picture, taken years apart of two women that are basically the same age. Funny also they wore very similar (color, form, style) dresses to our wedding without even talking to each other about it .


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