Sunday, November 6, 2011


I hope you you had a happy weekend ! I have so much I would like to write right now, but I have to finish my Dutch homework first and my brain is feeling tired, so I leave you with his little cute boy ! Hope you were up to lots of fun and good times.


  1. This is so much fun!! :D
    The weekend was good, but a short one, this time. Too much work, too many commitments to attend... Like Francisco says, we have a very full social agenda, sometimes it is too much! Hoping the next one to bring us more quiet at home.

    Oh yes, I start my countdown to weekend on monday! :)

  2. Well both are nice... seeing friends and those calm days where you just enjoy each other and time passing. It is already Wednesday , weekend is peeking it-s nose !

  3. oh, yes! And, you know, my weekends start on Thursday nights!! :)


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