Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The dragon is awake

 I am not sure if I already told you guys, but my little sister is getting married early next year. So, aside from having crazy fun with imagining all the details all over again, the big question every girl asks herself on every occasion comes to live: What am I going to wear? I started looking around, and inevitably, in this country the party dresses tend to be structured and made out of taffeta. Not my style. There are of course nice, short, cocktail dresses, but my mom was clear on that. She literally told me: and please don't come in one of your skimpy dresses (?) , you have to find a long dress. Oh. I started falling in love with dresses like this:
but of course that kind of dress is out of my budget. Or in other words I would rather spend such an amount of money travelling, in books or buying furniture. And then I remembered online discussions about the ethics of dresses made in China. I searched and searched and decided to take a risk. After all, nowadays everything is made in China (just check your tags from whatever high street fashion brand you use). It is almost unavoidable unless you make your own clothes, and still, in that case where is the fabric made? Napoleon was right when he pointed to China in a world map and said : "There, is a sleeping giant. Let him sleep! If he awakes, he will shake the world." And it's not like I chose some extravagant design and stole it from someone. What I chose was quite your classic, flowy, sweetheart empire gown in gauze. I made sure that I chose a dress without lace or any embelishments, because I figured such details would just make it look kind of cheap. So when a box arrived yesterday. I was dying with curiosity.
 And well, I am not disappointed. The dress is very well made, properly sewn. It has a built-in padded bra and a strap in the waist that holds the dress in place. And I love the color, you see, now I match every door and wall in our home. The plan now is to get some kind of lace bolero or have sleeves made in lace because I don't want to spend the whole party pulling the dress up every 5 minutes. What do you think?


  1. Me tienes impresionada, con las fotos del link el pastel,bueno increíble y todo lo demás maravillosas ideas. PERO el vestido ¡¡por favor, por favor dinos dónde!!

  2. Precioso!!!! Me enamoré perdidamente de ese vestido!! por favor no le pongas breteles, es precioso como está. Donde lo compraste????

  3. That dress looks great on you! And I love that color! (Judging by the color of your doors, you love it too.) :)

  4. Oh! Lovely! It's perfect on you without doubt. But your expression opening the package is the best! :)

    Oh, yes... please don't add straps or sleeves! It's so charming as it is. Thumbs up for the lace bolero.

  5. You look perfectly lovely! And I love the look of concentration on your face as you open it :)

  6. @ Zarawitta y Marcela, gracias :) Es divertido coleccionar ideas, creo que ya es un hobbie, hasta me dan ganas de dedicarme a organizar fiestas y eventos. El vestido es de "Light in the Box" , y el servicio fue super bueno y eficiente. Todo muy seguro, te confirman de inmediato, puedes checar el "status" todo el tiempo y fue super rapido 15 dias en total, incluyendo el envio, y por suerte, ni siquiera me cobraron impuestos (que lei que en algunos paises sucedia).

    Y si, tirantes (breteles) creo que no le pondre, mas bien estoy pensando en un bolero o algo asi .

    @ Anna, thanks :) I definitely love that color, in case it was not obvious hehe .

    @ Ines and Fiona, thanks, hehe I was definitely feeling a little bit like a kid on Christmas not knowing quite what to expect.

    I will keep you updated :)

  7. Yes, those taxes are really annoying, but well, nothing to do about that. For me, when ordering outside EU it's always like buying a lottery ticket, I never know when those costume fellows are going to pick me. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I just pray not to! :D

  8. It looks lovely on you. The colour really suits.

  9. Hola Amanda!!!
    Que buena idea esa! jajajaja
    Está super chulo y te queda de maravilla!
    Tendré en cuenta esa idea para cuando tenga algún evento que requiera de un traje fabuloso. Por supuesto, no será un evento holandes, porque aquí los más elegante es un par de jeans con botas y un chaleco (el diario)!

  10. @ Ines, yeah, I was afraid of those taxes ... but we were lucky !

    @ iripple, thanks so much ! It has been my favorite color for a long time now.

    @ Ley, Hola ! Si la verdad tenia mucha curiosidad y ganas de probarlo porque habia leido muy buenas historias y criticas. Y si, lo corroboro, super buen servicio y el vestido me encanto.
    Graciaaas !
    Jajaja y si, aqui no se arreglan para nada, a mi me gustaba aquello de para salir a bailar ponerte aunque sea una falda o vestido, pero a lo mucho jeans con una blusa bonita. Pero yo igual cada que puedo, uso vestidos, me encantan !


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