Monday, November 28, 2011

Crazy dutch weather.

Yesterday the sky was as blue as ever so we decided to take the bikes and go to the center. Please notice that it takes us only about 15 minutes to get there. So, there we were, riding our bicycles. Suddenly a very strong wind started going against us, to the point that I got off the bike and walked a bit because I didn't really feel like tolerating it. Then, just like that it stopped.
 Shortly after a little rain started, but with tiny drops. It actually felt nice, like a fresh breeze. As I was saying it, the raindrops got bigger and bigger and the wind came back and it started storming with all the force of Thor. We had to seek shelter under the first roof we found and wait, and wait and wait. Thing is, in Holland you never know if the rain will last 10 minutes or 4 hours. So we let the storm calm down a bit and decided to go again, while it was still pouring. When we arrived at the center we were completely soaked. It looked like we had jumped fully clothed in a swimming pool. And I dare to say, we looked quite stupid as everyone else was perfectly dry because it all lasted less than 12 minutes. Ohhhh.
 At least we gave ourselves proper rewards.We went to an authentic austrian bakery, founded in 1934. It turns out  back in the day, a few years after it opened they were one of the first cafés in all the North of Europe to have an Espresso machine. But, the best part is their apple strudel. Crispy outside and soft, but not mushy inside. I also tried the apricot strudel and it was not bad either. So if you ever find yourself in Den Haag and feel like some classic austrian treats, stop by "Wiener Konditorei" (Korte Poten 24, Den Haag).


  1. "Thing is, in Holland you never know if the rain will last 10 minutes or 4 hours."

    So true! And that's why it's perfectly un-strange to be soaked through when everybody else is dry. I think everybody who has visited us for more than a week knows that the weather is notoriously unpredictable.

    The rewards look very tasty, so I hope it was all worth it :)

  2. @ the smittenimmigrant,

    Yeah notoriously unpredictable is an understatement. The full week before our wedding it was downpouring like crazy and the forecasts were not so good. But happy miracle, the sun came out all day. I knew it was going to, felt it in me all along.

  3. ohh el pie de manzana se ve espectacular!

  4. I'm so jealous of your cute bike!! And I would eat that apple strudel right now!

    This story reminded me a few we add. I can totally relate to your "feeling stupid" afterwards. Oh... story of my life!

  5. @ Ani Mendes, estaba delicioso pero lo puedes hacer en casa, no es dificil !

    @ Ines, the boy just read your comment and said out loud, hey "I painted the bike". Haha. Apple strudel is very close to perfection, specially with ice cream.


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