Friday, November 18, 2011


really is in the small things. Macarons in a box. Walking through the city with the boy on a sunny day. Crisp blue morning skies. Looking for wedding-y stuff for my little sister.* Japanese-inspired-flower-print dresses and lacy tights. 
 *Aren't these flats cute? Little sis is such a practical girl that no matter how pretty heels might be she won't be wearing them on her wedding day, amen to that.


  1. Oh happy moments... as simple as that. Those flats are cute, really. An applause to your wise little sister! :)
    Wow! Now, the question is: where's your man taking you? A lady looking like that must be taken somewhere!

  2. @ Ines, yeah, happy happy. I love the flats, but for now she is still in the thinking phase, so it's an option, and yeah she is, has always been the calm and wise one, even if she is younger. Ha maybe she learnt from me that crazy leads to crashing into walls.
    Haha Mark says he will take me somewhere soon. We are thinking of driving to a different city for New Year's eve, but we don't know where, and we are probably late, I think all the major places like Paris are already fully booked (and since last June haha)

  3. Oh, we're facing the same problem. Where to go for New Year's eve? Why do we always leave those things to last minute? Now everything is booked, flights are on the highest rates... oh, well, we'll find something!


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