Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh lovely bookshelf, finally.

 Ever since I first saw this bookshelf I knew it was going to be part of our home. Even if by now it is a classic and everybody has it, I love it all the same. And finally, we have it at home. It was a struggle to make it fit in our little car, but we made it.
 Then the time came to get the boxes I brought with me from Barcelona and that had since been gathering dust first in the attic and then in the garage and open them. It felt a little like Christmas. Well, not really. But wow, I studied a lot.
 As I was taking out my notes and books and filing them into colorful new binders I was shocked at the amount of information I had to learn and memorize.
Then I stumbled into these and remembered thinking that anatomy would be the hardest subject ever.
 But no... even as a girl who always loved chemistry, when I think what was the hardest exam I had to pass the first that comes to mind is Pharmacology, and close behind Surgery and Radiology.
Oh but look at this, aren't you in love with cubic shelves? I know some of you are.


  1. Tengo los mismos estantes en negro y los amo!
    Tu departamento es PRECIOSO, lleno de color y de vida, me encanta!

  2. Ahh I love it! And those colorful binders are just the best. They look great in those cubes! (Now I want to go buy pretty binders...)

    Btw, is that a green couch I see in the living room? We also have a green couch, which I love, but it's been a bit of a challenge to decorate around that color. How do you handle it?

  3. Oh, it's all looking so colorful and pretty!
    We have those too, several sizes of it! :) They are actually acting as my closet. I'll share it one of these days.

    (oh I admire your study notes... mine were so messy!!)

  4. Amanda, disculpame. Me estaba entreteniendo mientras veía tu nueva librera... pero.... cuando salieron esos dibujos, Madre Mía! Ya no quice ver más... no hay duda, prefiero las matemáticas!

  5. @ Marcela, gracias ! Y si, esos estantes son lo mejor, me gustan todos, los oscuros le dan un toque interesante como de biblioteca antigua !

    @ Anna, Thanks. And yeah I love colorful stuff. Yup that is a green couch, we are in love with it. So far, we are planning to hang a huge map over it, one that includes a bit of green. Other than that we just use plenty of colors all over kind of mismatchy but in a way looking for harmony....

    @ Ines, thanks. Yah I also thought about other uses for them, for example as shoe keeper . And my notes were messy during the year too, but I just made sure nothing got lost and then organized it at the end of this semester.

    @ Ley, hahaha, pero si esta todo pintado de colores :) Las matematicas tambien son entretenidas, pero eso si cuando llegue a calculo, fue asi como de que me estan hablando ?

  6. yes, I have one that's working as a shoe keeper! :) And another one as the living room sideboard...

    Saturday we'll be going to ikea, yay!! I can't believe how exited I am (people would not believe I work 2 mins from an ikea store! but I almost never go there, because I have no car here, and no boy to go with me...) to get this little things I've been wanting to spruce up our place.


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