Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh happy day.

 This is going to be an ode to Skype. The little program has changed my life. If it was not because of it the boy and me would not have been able to talk for hours, for free, during the period of time that we were long distance when I was still in Spain. I can not imagine how we would have survived this period without being able to talk to each other on a daily basis. Or maybe we would just be a lot poorer by now, after all we had telephones since Alexander Graham Bell. My point here is, last Saturday was my little sister's civil wedding, and we were able to be present through the whole ceremony through a Skype videocall. I don't think I have enough words to thank Skype for that . We got a fancy cake made of vanilla crème-anglaise, ananas and raspberries, and we gathered behind the computer to take part of the ceremony.

We were also able to send her a nice bouquet of flowers through the internet, oh magic days of technology that we live in. She did not expect it at all and was incredibly happy.


  1. How lovely that you got to be a part of your sister's day even from a distance! My cousin's wife's father lives in Russia and was hospitalised just before their wedding and so couldn't come. They did the same and had a skype video connection at the front of the church so he could still witness his daughter getting married. It was very special.

  2. That's so incredibly sweet :) She must've loved to have you guys present for that special moment.

    Also, that cake looks delectable!

  3. Qué lindo :)
    Yo tambien amo internet, facebook, skype y todo el resto porque me permiten estar presente en la vida de mis seres queridos aun a la distancia.
    Felicitaciones a tu hermana, que tenga muchos años de inmensa felicidad por delante!

  4. @ Fionalynne, wow, quite impressive that they were able to do it in front of the church. I am glad, it is really special.

    @ thesmittenimmigrant, the cake was even better than it looks :) if you come one day we'll treat you to some. And yeah, I think she was very happy.

    @ Marcela, si, es de verdad una revolución, cuando me fui a los 19, solo habia el email, y ya era mucho, escribia diario planas enteras. Y poco a poco hay mas cosoas. Gracias :)

  5. Gotta love modern technology. Pity you couldn't be there in person but this is the next best thing.

  6. Oh, such happy moments! Congratulations to your sister! All the happiness in the world to them both.

    I know what you talk about, me and Francisco used to spend hours with our web cameras when we were the entire weeks apart (and then at weekends we had so little time to be together...). We still do it every now and then. Thank you technology!

  7. @ iripple, definitely, the next best thing !

    @ Ines, Thanks, I will let her know. She is definitely in a cloud of happy and funny enough, nervous with the preparations(normally I am the crazy hysterical and she is the one keeping her calm in all kinds of stressful situations).
    And yeah, thank you technology you can say that again. I am glad that Francisco and you are at least closer to being together the whole time, little by little.


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