Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So, Antwerp.

Such a nice city. Let me think. When we went there for the bookclub it must have been our fifth time there. Belgium, being so close, still has the feel of a different country in such a way that it satisfies, if only temporarily, our vacation cravings.
The zoo there is totally worth it. Imagine walking through a park from the beginning of the century and spotting animals here and there. But the best part is that the animals actually seem happy, which, sadly, is an unusual sight in a zoo. Then of course you have the cathedral and old center, and the diamond district which is quite particular.
And then there is this "trendy" neighborhood, full of cafes and little independent shops of all kinds (antiquaries, designers, ateliers). We spent the day walking and I found earrings for my sister. Sure my mom asked me to look for diamonds, but I'm quite certain I can not really afford those for now. Instead, we accidentally found an independent artist / jeweller that had lovely designs. And I found her these earrings:
made of prasiolith, also known as vermarine,  a stone of a very light green hue and mother of pearl. They are made by Eva Crauwels for her brand Mia & Moi. (You can find her in Kloosterstraat 185).
We also stumbled upon the perfect shoe shop, Nöe pumps. As in, they have shoes in every color of the rainbow. Seriously, every single shade is there. They are made of soft material, and available in 3 types of heel. So whenever you need to match an exact shade, you know where to go.  (Nöe by Your, Kloosterstraat 84)
 And we found spiderman, and graffitis, and more parks, oh lovely autumn. 


  1. I wish it was that easy to satisfy my vacation cravings! Antwerp looks elegant but surprising at the same time. Thanks for sharing your travel discoveries!

  2. @ Ines... but it is, it is just a matter of finding a city, even in your country that you have not visited or do different things like go to museum expositions and act like a tourist :p
    And yes, we love Antwerp we go over and over again and we don't get tired of it. Plus now we have memories there :)

    @ Marcela :)

  3. I love that you can just go to another country for Book Club. I'm very jealous!

  4. @ Zan... well you are invited whenever. But yeah, one of my favorite things about Europe is that you are so free to go everywhere, just like that.


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