Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A million thanks

 to all of you who sent me your nice wishes and thought of me yesterday. We are relieved with the good news: everything inside me looks "OK" except for some endometriosis spots in "not important" places. We will hear more in our next appointment, early January. The boy was there the whole time, that is, until they put me in the pre-surgery room, where I got my infusion.
 Oh dear nurses in training.... they had to try and insert the catheter 4 times to get it right. The 3rd and 4th times while I was already asleep, so I woke up to find the fluids connected to me on my left side instead of the right one, where they were before the narcosis took effect. Anyway, I wanted to show you the view from my recovery room, my hospital reads, complete with a man calendar for 2012 and sleepy me just coming back from it all.
 Also , there was a magazine from the WWF in the waiting room and I was super happy to see Beatrix, the queen, in all her 1971's glory and some sketches from 1962 of Chi-Chi, the giant panda that was brought to London Zoo and who was the basis for the famous logo.
 While searching the internet for this post I found a radio emission from the BBC tracing the story of Chi-Chi and I found out Desmond Morris was the man responsible of bringing Chi-Chi to London. Interesting because Morris's books are the kind that make you think, question everything, go -"huh? really? That kind of makes sense"-. The first one I read from him, The Naked Ape, is particularly special to me because I have the copy that used to be owned by my grandpa, who I never met. The human zoo is also quite an interesting read, though I do not necessarily agree with every single word.


  1. I'm just reading your last blog posts now. I'm so glad you're ok after your operation. It sounds like positive news! It must have been horrid but it's surely worth it to rule out your worst fears and be able to move on to the next steps.
    Thinking of you.

  2. glad to hear you made it through ok, and that sounds like good news about the limited endo signs.

    also, PANDAS. <3

  3. I am so glad everything is ok... but does this mean they still don't know what is up?? :/ I'm sending you all of my good juju. <3

  4. Yay!! Good news! :)
    Let's hope for more and more coming!

    I admire how you were able to do some reading among all that stress.

  5. Amanda,
    Que bueno que está todo bajo control!
    Que risa lo del calendario! Justo ayer de regreso a la casa compré la Cosmo y viene con el calendario... creo que voy a usarlo cuando quiera darle un poco de celos a Pablito! jejejejeejeje (pffff.... ya toy muy vieja pa calendarios!)
    Saludos y que te mejores!

  6. Thanks everyone ;) and yeah, we are happy with the good news,

    @ Lauren, yeah.. this means we still don't know what's up, maybe the universe is teaching us to be patient...

    @ Ines, well, reading helped against the stress actually, I love how a book can instantly take you somewhere else, it's like free travel through time and space,

    @ Ley jaja, si la descripcion del calendario es lo mejor: " 11 sexy heren en nog halfnaakt ook". Graciaas.

    @R.A.P / D-Day, yeah pandas, so cute, and pretty and cuddly-

    @Thatinblackink, thanks , and it definitely gives us peace of mind to now that it is not the dreaded endometriosis. So maybe we just need to calm down, relax, and overall stay positive which is what we try to do .

  7. Que bueno que ya estás en casa!! Me encantaron los pandas. Tu foto en el hospital :( pero te veías consentida y contenta a pesar de...

  8. Just catching up.. sending thoughts and prayers your way. Glad it was a successful operation, and so good you're able to stay positive. Pandas help...

  9. @ Zarawitta, si los pandas son mi máximo, y me acuerdo mucho de cuando Tohui llego a Chapultepec, ademas de que fue el primer zoológico en el mundo fuera de China donde se consiguió que los pandas se reprodujeran en cautiverio. Y si, estuve muy consentida ;) La verdad la anestesia es algo super extraño, entre que te "duermen" y te despiertas es como si hubieran pasado 5 minutos, no sientes el paso del tiempo.

    @ fionalynne, thank you so much. And yeah, we keep the positive thoughts going, even when, and mostly, at moments when it is hard. Pandas definitely help.


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