Saturday, December 3, 2011

The New Label Project

First of all, this is in no way a sponsored post. I am writing this to show my full support in my tiny little way to these amazing creative people and hopefully make this thing grow. I was lucky enough to meet Giulia, the master mind behind this project and have her (while shortly) as a colleague at work. She is a fashion designer and came up with this great new concept. By opening a shop, that actually works more like a gallery, she is connecting creative people. It is a place where any designer can have their own space, a box, in which to showcase (and sell) their work. And because of the nature of the project, this means that the pieces of art (if I dare say) that you will be able to find there will always be different.
 They opened last Thursday, 1st of December, and I was so happy to be able to be there. The whole thing  made me think in the brilliant ideas behind this article on why you should pursue your creativity, and also reminded me of what Liz was saying the other day about working from home: it seems to be " ...the new “American Dream” of our generation- to be able to sit at home in a robe and slippers, refreshing our Etsy shop stats while the coffee brews."
 In short, doing what makes you happy, makes other people happy,  because we are all connected. As Justine put it : "Human beings are wired into each other to an extent that most of us don’t even realize. The mirror neurons in our brain enable empathy: we absorb and reflect what other people are feeling, and their moods influence our moods (which go on to influence the moods of others). This is called emotional contagion."
So if you are in The Netherlands, go visit them (Rozengracht 75, Amsterdam). The pieces they have are truly unique, original, and hand-made.  And if you just want to check it out you can learn more about them here and here.


  1. Looks like an excellent place to score some Christmas presents!

    Do you have a blogpost about your occupation for me to read? I've gone back into your archives quite a bit, but I think I missed it.

  2. @smittenimmigrant, definitely, they have lots of cute stuff, and very unique.

    I wrote a bit about the interview I had (post is called "remeber clueless") and about my general impressions "on working" I think both posts are under career. I will write you an email :)


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