Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's the boy's birthday...

El chicharo magico ( magic pea boy )
so I woke up at 4 o' clock in the morning to bake him cupcakes, inflate balloons and hang some decorations. Not like he didn't know, I mean, he heard me blowing air. And he knew I was gonna bake, because you see, he is taking said cupcakes to the office with him today and he was supposed to get all the ingredients needed. Sent him the list and all 2 days ago. Except he can't be trusted to follow a simple list. First of all I was gonna try Zan's baby cheesecake cupcakes, but when he read 2 1/2 pounds cheese cream (That's 1.14 kg), he went like, whoah that's a hell of a lot of cheese cream and came back with a mere 370 gr. The plan was to make  the classic lemon-raspberry muffins as well (classic because I've made them so many times since I discovered the recipe). Surprise surprise, at 4 o clock in the morning I find out the boy brought NO flour. And all we had left in the cupboard was 1 cup and a bit. Panic. I thought I woud try Zarawitta's red velvet cupcakes that I saw yesterday, but alas, the recipe needed 2 1/2 cup flours. It's a good thing that I am continuously losing time on Pinterest like it's my full time job, because I was able to find a cheese-cream raspberry recipe that only called for 1 cup of flour. Lucky as well that we had a cup of sour cream in the fridge.
 Of course in all my sleepiness when making the frosting I confused confectioner's sugar with caster sugar and added the latter, oh well. The frosting tastes like heaven, we are currently eating it over toast and jam, it is delish. All this to say, happy birthday Marky Mark.


  1. Happy birthday to the boy!!
    I'll post a recipe for vegan cupcakes soon, great for emergencies (no butter, no eggs, only 1 cup flour) and taste delicious!

  2. First of all...
    Happy birthday Mark!! :)

    This is hilarious. :D

  3. @ Marcela, thanks ! And yup, send me the recipe I have to learn how to bake vegan stuff, and it is interesting because I like to study the "science" behind it (alternatives to proteins as emulsificaton agents, etc).

    @ Ines yeah, I could not believe we had almost no flour oops.... have been baking a lot lately.

    @ Zarawitta ;)

    BTW , dear all, "boy" read your comments and he was super thrilled and says thanks ;)

  4. Check Chef Chloe's recipes, they are great! I'll send the other ones, from "Vegan cupcakes take over the world"by email.

    These cupcakes are delicious:

    The key seems to be the mixture of vinegar, vegetable milk and baking soda.

  5. I will vouch that vegan baked goods can be delicious.

    I'm so flattered you were going to try the cupcakes! I think you can reduce the recipe by a lot -- the one I have is for making a whole full-sized cheesecake, if I were just making cupcakes (it made 48!) I'd think you could reduce everything. But cheesecake is so delicious who can resist?

  6. @ Marcela thanks, I will definitely be trying them again. And yes, the vinegar and baking soda are key. There is a chemical reaction between baking soda and acid that releases gas and makes cakes rise, that is why you need lemon juice, vinegar or sour cream or buttermilk which are all acid.

    @ Zan, yep definitely have to try vegan they should be good. I want to try that recipe so much, yummy cheesecake. Will let you know how it turns out when I do !


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