Monday, December 19, 2011

Up on the house top

click click click, down through the chimney with good Saint Nick.
So people, the censorship is over and the Christmas elf has been released. We set out on the search for the perfect little tree yesterday and decorated our windowsills with cards and candles and a little rocking horse and snowman.
 Like good ol' dutch people, we set a full display on the windows and finally found a place for the boots my mom embroidered for us. There is even a little owl hanging from the tree that reminds me of Ines. The only thing missing, and perhaps the most important is a "Nacimiento" or "Betlehem", but since I want a traditional mexican one, we are going to have to wait til next year.  Please note, I was all for flashing and colorful lights. The answer of the boy was categorical: fine, if we have those lights, then we'll have to do with no tree. Oh well, white lights will be then.


  1. Me encanta tu esfera, con su pueblo, con sus faros sus personas... la nieve, que siempre he tenido tan lejos y es tan lindo.

  2. Yay! A fellow Elf! :)
    Me encantan tus decoraciones, qué linda es la navidad no? A mi me da una pena enorme desarmar el arbolito y guardarlo en su caja en enero (tenemos un arbol de plastico)...este año a raiz del viaje armé todo mucho mas tarde que de costumbre y me he sentido que me ha faltado tiempo elfico...el año que viene empezare en octubre jajaja

  3. oh... what happened to my comment? :(

    Your little tree is so sweet! And that owl!! :) Do you believe I'm sewing one much like it to hang on our tree? I'll show when (if) ready.

    Are those lisianthus on the window? I love them!

  4. The nacimiento was always my favorite part of Christmas in Mexico, but the one at my bis-abuela's was INSANE. It was about five feet long by five feet wide complete with hills, ponds, etc. I'm not sure who has it these days, but as a kid I would look at that thing for hours and hours...

  5. @ Zarawitta, sip, no es una esfera, es como una decoracion dentro del "domo " de vidrio o como se llame, pero si, nos encanto y se ilumina. Falta ponerle más nieve artificial.

    @ Marcela gracias !! Jajaa, empezaras en Octubre? Otra opción es no quitar las decoraciones asta mediados de Febrero ! ;p

    @ Ines... oops internet monkeys. Thanks, and yeah the bigger trees were too much, and the artifical ones, even the not so huge ones were pricey, so we fell in love with this one. Can't wait to see your little owl. And yeah, those are lisianthus. Learning so much of flowers in the last year or so.

    @ Zan, yeah, nacimientos in Mexico are such a pretty thing, my mom also had one with waterfalls, and the whole town with shepherds, and a section for the devils. It was so much fun setting it up, with moss, and hay, and getting 1 little figure every now and then.


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