Monday, December 12, 2011

Gone to the hospital.

Today is the day. Remember when I told you about the terrible awful? (And yes, we saw 'The Help' yesterday). Well, since we are still out of luck... the doctor has decided she will look inside me. She will first make two small incisions in my abdomen through which they will inflate me with gas, so that my internal organs are well separated from each other, thus minimizing the risk of accidentally damaging them. Carbon Dioxide, not Helium, otherwise this would happen:
 (Which woudn't be all that bad, flying above Paris in a fancy dress after biking the whole day and eating macarons and cakes).
Oh yes, I will be under general anesthesia.  They will use Propofol (the substance that ended with Michael Jackson) and Sevoflurane.  It will all be over by the end of the day. I have read it is not painful. If I have to be 100% honest, I already had this surgery before, back when I was 19, but I don't remember the pain. And yeah, they found endometriosis, degree IV (which is the worst). Now the Dr. is not sure whether I have it or not  and whether that is the issue and so this is why I am having this (micro) surgery. Laparoscopy, if you are curious. There is nothing, except the fact that I had it before, that makes the Dr. think I would still have it, no symptoms, cysts...  but that's the thing with endometriosis you can not really see it with echography or other less invasive methods.
Anyway, I didn't mean to bore you with all the medical details, so, in accordance with the picture above, I leave you with bonus inspiration. Maybe you are already planning your holiday outfits ?
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  1. Good luck today! I hope it all goes well.

  2. Good luck! I'm crossing my fingers for everything to be ok!
    My holiday outfit? No idea, probably nothing fancy, we don't do fancy Christmases ;)

  3. I love how you face it with such good humor! :)
    Take care and good luck! We are all cheering for you. Oh, and have an ice cream when you're out!

    Hum... I think my christmas outfit will involve less skin showing, and much more wool, boots, hats and scarfs! But I loooove those colors! :)

  4. Good luck! I hope the surgery goes well!

  5. ahh good luck today!! I'm sure all will go well, please keep us updated.

    also, ZOMG I need that whole board for the wedding I'm going to on December 30. Except I don't have pierced ears so maybe those awesome earrings would be a necklace instead. But I love that color scheme..!

    I think I'm signed into google, RAP = D-Day :)

  6. Muuucha suerte, como dijeron por ahí cómete un helado y si ya pasaste por una IV tu tranquila que esto no es nada.

  7. Oh man, good luck! I hope you end up better :)

    Have you ever read the Single Infertile Female blog? It's written by a woman with endo, but it covers tons of other topics.

  8. Thanks to all for your lovely comments and wishes, it means a lot :) Everything went well, I think I am still a bit sedated (feel groggy and a bit sleepy) so excuse me if I don't make much sense. The preliminary results is positive; there was some endo, but in "not important places" ( I know, it is vague, but those were the exact words we heard). We will hear more on our next appointment, early January. And otherwise, everything looked ok, which is a huge relief.

    I did not have ice cream but I am about to , just discovered / remembered we have a tiny cup of creme brulee ice cream in the freezer yay ! In honor of all of you.

    @ D Day, yeah, the color scheme is oh so happy. I think you can totally wear that as a necklace, it can look very cool.

    @ Iris, glad to see you here, and I was not familiar with the blog, but just opened it and will be reading it along. Thanks a lot :)

  9. Glad to hear everything went well and that the news was positive! What a difficult experience to go through though... I'm rooting for you.

  10. @greyandshiny, thanks so much. It means a lot, and yeah it is quite a relief .


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