Friday, December 23, 2011

Family, friends and lots of cooking.

 This week has been hectic. I am so so tired and the holidays did not even officially start yet. On Monday we had my classmates from dutch class over, on Tuesday we were invited to a friends housewarming dinner. On Wednesday we went to our mom-in-law, as we do every week. Yesterday we were "calmly" at home, though we were supposed to prepare for the avalanche coming today. We didn't prepare. I will just go earlier to work, to be home earlier, and hope for the best. We are hosting dinner for around 12 people.  To the boys' credit, he has days off and has been going grocery shopping and running errands like crazy. Finally, tomorrow I will make spinach and ricotta lasagne, fruit cake, and set up a "fondue chinoise ". We did not even figure out what we'll do on New Years Eve, or The Second Day of Christmas, or Boxing day. But all this is my favorite part of the Holidays. Spending time with loved ones and cooking. I hope you all have a merry start of the season and may all your wishes come true.
(Oh and please don't mind the outfit above I was half dressed and half in PJ's)


  1. Merry Christmas, Amanda! This is also what I love most about the holidays. Enjoy the cooking, baking, chatting and gathering!
    Hugs from Cyprus (and you can come anytime, I'll be happy to show you around!)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, great Christmas... Best, Best wishes!! I hope next year we can be in the same place of the world to meet each other.

    Hugs for u and the boy...

  3. @ Marcela thanks, Merry Christmas to you too. And hugs your way. We will definitely try and come some time , hopefully soon.

    @ Zarawitta, Thanks ! And yes, we should definitely meet. Aqui o alla... Abrazos igualmente !


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