Monday, September 9, 2013

Swimming in the canal

It's of course not news that the Dutch are not afraid of the water. Not of ice-cold water, not of murky water, not of muddy water. They start the year by taking a dip in the ever freezing North Sea in Scheveningen... and come September they take a swim in Amsterdam's canals. There is even a video going viral of a couple getting rather gezellig in a canal in Delft. 

Anyhow, yesterday as we were walking around Amsterdam we stumbled upon swimmers arriving at the finishing line after their long swim. I am quite impressed. I think it's really admirable that all these people took the swim. The days have been warm but I don't think the water is very inviting. It was such a happy sight, seeing the swimmers being greeted by their friends and family members as they reached the end.

All in all it was a very Dutch day... we found the original Van Dobbe eetsalon and could not resist a broodje croquet (a roll filled with a fried and bread-crumbed meat and bechamel ball, normally eaten with mustard). We lost some time at a bookstore, got some candy and then some chocolate at Puccini, after which we visited some friends.

How was your weekend? Also: thanks so much for all your lovely messages and comments :)

I hope that bike does not end up in the canal.


  1. Swimming in the canals?!? Isn't that water rather unsanitary? At least that's what I keep hearing...

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend though! A mi me convencieron a ir a una clase de yoga en Manhattan and! Yoga at a studio is rather intense! I don't know what I was expecting but was definitely not that... I was dripping sweat all the time and it wasn't even one of those hot yoga classes! Definitely quite a new experience, lol

    1. I think yes, the wather is umm... not clean at all. If I'm not wrong I think people take shots before going for the swim.

      Your yoga class sounds interesting, I did not know it was so active (except for certain specific types of yoga).

  2. I had no idea people can swim in the canals! It looks fun though the water must be super cold I'm guessing?

    Weekend here was good, we went for long walks and also on a date to drink ciders. The weather is warming up which means it will be time to go to the beach soon :)

    1. Yeah, the water is cold and dirty. It's not an everyday thing though, it's a thing for charity, like a marathon.

      Your weekend sounds fun, walks are the best. And you are getting a summer... as the weather starts to change (it has been raining nonstop for 2 days in a row) I am quite jealous...

  3. You always have such beautiful pics!

    And a huge congratulations y un beso y abrazo!!

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks :) (Not very eloquent today!)


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